September 6

Common Myths When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you get into an accident where you are injured, you can hire a personal injury lawyer to help get you the compensation for the injuries that you sustained. While there are some cases where there are only minor injuries and no need for a lawsuit, but sometimes you may find that you are fighting.

August 30

Do You Know Your Rights?

Many people are not prepared to be arrested, but it is important to know your rights in the case that you or someone you know ever are. In Florida, when an officer takes you into custody, they are required to introduce themselves and tell you why you are being arrested. If they do not do.

August 26

Can Trump Legally Be President?

There has been much debate as to whether Trump is fit to be president, but is he even legally eligible? Who could forget how in the debates only a few months ago, when Trump questioned Cruz’ citizenship, Cruz turned the tables and asked if Trump would be eligible, since his mother was born in Scotland..

August 8

Tips For Seeking Legal US Immigration

When you are seeking legal US immigration, a Boca Raton immigration attorney can provide a variety of helpful tips. By asking an immigration attorney in Boca Raton for assistance, you can learn more about the following tips and avoid common pitfalls that are related to the US immigration process. Read on to find out how.

July 29

Beautiful Florida; A Tough Place To Live

The Sunshine State of Florida is a beautiful place to live, with cities like Jupiter, Orlando, and even Boca Raton, not to mention it can be a relaxing place to live. There are some things that happen everywhere, though, and the fact is that Florida has a large population, so these things tend to happen.

July 28

What Debts Are Discharged In A Bankruptcy?

When talking about discharging of debts in bankruptcy, we are referring particularly to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy typically involves restructuring of a debt rather than a debt discharge or forgiveness. A discharge removes debtors from personal liability for debts and prevents a creditor from taking any action against a debtor. Meaning, the debtor.

July 26

Things To Look For In A Law Firm In Boca Raton, Jupiter And Orlando

There are definitely many lawyers and attorneys can help you out when you are in a crisis. Many folks, residing in the areas of Boca Raton, Jupiter and Orlando will simply scan the classifieds. However, you have to be completely sure that you are selecting the most suitable person. Experience will play a big role,.

July 22

Claiming Personal Injury Compensation Beyond Insurance Policy Limits In Boca Raton, Jupiter, And Orlando

Insurance companies always assume responsibility for a broad variety of injury cases, including vehicle insurance, premises liability, and medical malpractice claims. When an insurance firm is handling a claim against its insured, the company usually pays out legal fees and costs of damages which can be awarded by a jury or agreed on in a.

July 1

When A Business Relationship Turns Sour

In this advancing technological age, most business relationships end abruptly due to violations in policy or other complications. Some partners or employees are unable to carry out or complete the demands of the enterprise, and end up breaching a contract or violating regulations. The behavior of some former employees or partners following their removal from.

May 26

5 Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Law

5 Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Law When it comes to personal injury lawyers and personal injury law, there are a number of common misconceptions, myths that are passed around under the guise of fact. If you or a loved one has experienced personal injury as the result of another party’s negligent behavior, read on.

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