The media has made a lot of things easy, and several adverts on lawyer referral services are hard to miss these days. Referral services like 411-pain project sing-along ads that are so hypnotizing; when the very attractive spokesperson in the lovely suit comes up at the hook, you just have to listen. You begin to hear things like, there is an attorney at the other end of the line for you and your family after a motorist accident. Ask Gary with their hotline 1 800 Ask Gary, even go as far as telling you that you could get over $10,000 after the vehicle collision.

However, are referral services for lawyers legit?

If you plan on contacting the Florida injury attorney you saw with the fancy suit on your TV screen, you must ask yourself certain questions. How do they work? Can they really get you that settlement? Here are some progressive trends of lawyer referral services.

Act-Fast Claims

The way lawyer referral jingles are drafted and presented, a number of people take it as a routine to dial 1 800 411 PAIN, after conversing with 911. However, would it not be better if they drive you towards researching a Florida injury attorney? They stand to exploit victims’ vulnerability, and influence their decision. You can argue that all the research could be done by Ask Gary or 411, but you cannot be too sure.

How do 411 decide on the best attorney for your case?

First thing you must know is, their founder Dr. Lewin, is a chiropractor, not a lawyer. Therefore, you will be linked with just any lawyer who may have little or no experience in injury cases, as long as the said lawyer pays the monthly referral fee. Also, their call representative are mostly not lawyers or physicians. These people who lack training have been given the power to influence your decision.

Do their lawyers possess special skills?

This question is not difficult to answer, as an article recently published on the Miami New Times, shows that even the founding member of 411 lack experience and they have no relevant track record. Therefore, the answer to that question is an obvious NO! Some of these law firms on 411 might be legit, but most of them are just settlement mills, where they only focus on your money.

So, is 411 a scam?

It is hard not to call it a scam, as various lawyer referral services like 411-PAIN and Ask Gary have been and are being sued for various reasons. In June of 2012, the Florida attorney general, filed a lawsuit against 411 finally ruling that they should not make monetary promises in their ads. Several other complaints have been made by victim over the years.

The promised $10,000 might come, but it might be spent on unnecessary medical bills, due to bad advice from these inexperienced lawyers and chiropractors. Also, there have been issues of lawyer barging in on victims at the clinic, because they have been tipped off by the referral outlet. This is not ethical, and you should not fall for this scheme.

Legal advertisement in Florida has helped a lot of people, but has lead several people astray. It is therefore advice to research the best Florida injury attorney after an auto collision. It will go a long way to affect you and your family.