It is no secret that the Port of Miami in Florida is the biggest cruise ship port in the globe. Fort Lauderdale, which is north of Miami is also home the US 3rd largest cruise port. All this boils down to an impressive amount of boating traffic resulting in a frequent number of cruise line and boating accidents.

The season of summer is all about fun in the sun, and nothing says fun like going on a cruise ship. Cruise ships are a larger than life way of enjoying a safe and fun vacation with lots of shopping, sun, and a host of activities for kids and parents alike. Sadly, cruise line and accidents are becoming a regular occurrence due to a large number of passengers and the number of cruise ships that leave and enter the port daily.

Several laws, including international, federal, and special state laws govern boating and cruise ship injuries as well as claims of death. In an unfortunate event that you or somebody you know gets in an accident, then you will need the help of a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach to handle your case.

You may be wondering why you need the services of a Florida Boating and Cruise line accident lawyers. You may not see the importance a first, but with accident attorney, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Proper Interpretation of Maritime Laws

The most important reason to hire a Boca Raton accident lawyer after being in a cruise injury is that identifying the proper jurisdiction can be complicated and complex. The laws applicable vary depending on where the ship was when the accident occurred. Foreign, International maritime laws or U.S. laws may apply. It is for this reason that having an experienced attorney on your side is important.

  • Quick Solution to Your Problems

Cruise ships usually have passengers enter into ticket contracts that alter their passenger rights once they’re onboard the ship. The ticket contract not only benefits the cruise ships, it also makes it extremely difficult for you to file a lawsuit against them. The ticket contract also includes time limits on when to notify cruise companies of filling and legal actions. If the time limit is exceeded, you claim will not be entertained. In addition, a lot of the cruise companies specify that your lawsuits must be filed in Florida, which makes everything more complicated considering most of their passengers are tourists living outside Florida. Florida accident attorneys are adept at working fast as well as holding cruise companies accountable for their actions.

Other benefits of employing a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach include:

  • Providing adequate monetary compensation for your injuries, suffering, and pain
  • Ensuring payment of your medical, doctor’s, as well as any surgery bills
  • Guaranteeing that you’re compensated for all your lost wages and the times you missed work.
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