Now that back to school season is upon us, it is time to take a closer look at one of the most crucial aspects of Florida child safety. A Florida personal injury attorney  can help. By taking the time to take a closer look at these expert tips, a Port St. Lucie or Fort Pierce parent can avoid certain difficulties……


1. Arrive Early

Experts will typically recommend that the child arrives at the bus stop as early as possible. Don’t make the mistake of sprinting to the bus stop. The child should have a window of at least five minutes before the bus’s scheduled arrival.

2. Wait For The Driver’s Permission

A child that is looking to remain safe while boarding the school bus should always wait for the driver’s permission before boarding. Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop as well. Once the door has opened, and the child has finally been given the “all clear” by the driver, they are able to board.

3. Keep The Aisle Clear

Younger children who are not accustomed to riding the school bus may not be aware of the importance of clearing the aisle. A Florida personal injury attorney will always recommend keeping an aisle clear, as this allows the child to avoid any sort of trip and fall that could lead to serious injury.

4. Stay In The Driver’s Line of Sight

When a child is in the process of boarding the bus or getting off the bus, they must make sure to remain within the driver’s field of vision. If the child and the bus driver cannot see each other, this is a sure sign that the child needs to amend the manner in which they board the bus. Stay 10 feet in front of the bus when crossing for a greater level of safety.

5. Buckle Up!

While there are some buses that do not have available seat belts, a child should always be encouraged to use them when possible. You simply never know when a bus driver may need to stop short.

6. Supervise The Little Ones

A parent who is just sending their child off to school for the first time should not be expecting them to handle the complexities of school bus safety on their own. Parents who are looking to keep their children safe will want to make sure that they are supervising them each step of the way.

7. Learn The Laws

Parents and children should both remain aware of Florida laws at all times. Quiz children on the rules of the road. Do they know what the yellow flashing lights or the red flashing lights mean? Go over these rules with them and don’t be afraid to ask a second (or even third) time.