If you have just started cycling for fun or for sports, you would have discovered by now that the rules of the road which seem to be sadly ignored by many cyclists are quite confusing. The reason for this is usually due to lack of knowledge and not out of spite.

However, errant cyclists give a bad name to other cyclists when they fail to follow the laws. Worse of all, they simply put themselves at risk of getting injured thereby requiring the services of an accident attorney. Contrary to the belief of most motorists that cyclists think they own the road, not all cyclists are reckless. In fact, most of them are even more courteous than you think.

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced cyclist, it is important that you known these rules of the road, before you head out for your next ride. Bear in mind that these rules were made to keep you safe and not to limit you in any way. Although it might be risky to cycle on the road, however, most of the cycling accidents that occur are as a result of unsafe riding.

To be as safe as possible when riding, here are 7 rules of the road every cyclist should know.

Be visible

This is the single most important thing every cyclist can do. Cyclists are known to wear loudly colored Spandex to make them visible and not to make a fashion statement. This is the best way by which motorists can notice them.

Behave like a car on the road

It is both dangerous and stupid to take liberties with your bicycle, ignore traffic lights and switch carelessly between the road and crosswalks. Cyclists are adjured by law to follow all the rules that apply to cars. And if you are unjustly treated by any motorist, a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach can help fight your course.

Never Ride Against Traffic

Obey all traffic rules. Many drivers are not alert for a bicycle riding toward a car and are even less alert to cyclists on the road. You may be requiring an accident attorney if you fail to adhere to this rule.

Be predictable

When riding on a road, stay as far to the right as safely possible. Especially when there is no bike lane, ensure to ride predictably and avoid swerving around objects but maintain as straight a line as possible. This will help oncoming vehicles to know what to expect.

Always perform safety checks

It is recommended to carry out a 2-minute safety check on your bike before every ride. Check your headset, your brakes, and the skewers that hold your tires in place (i.e. your quick releases). Ask your local bike shop to explain to you if you are unsure of what to listen for.

Avoid Riding on the Sidewalk

Riding bikes on sidewalks can cause agitation and congestion because they are constructed for pedestrians. So sensitize motorists to sharing the road by getting your bike on the road

Avoid talking on a cell phone

While cycling, is unethical to talk on a cell phone. It is difficult to cycle vigilantly and defensively when you talking on a cell phone, no matter how good you may be. Remember not all motorists know how to share the road with cyclists.

If you happen to get involved in an accident with your bike, a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach can help you.