Unfortunately, autumn can be a rather dangerous time of year for parents, and there are a wide range of issues for families to be aware of.   In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, parents have more concerns than ever before.  Thankfully, the National Security Council offers no shortage of helpful back-to-school safety tips. These back-to-school safety primers play an important role in keeping South Florida families safe each year.  The top risks that have been addressed by the National Security Council include:


Sporting Events

Unfortunately, youth sporting injuries are an all too common occurrence in the state of Florida. A personal injury attorney in Port St. Lucie can assist a parent that is looking to make sense of it all. Children must be provided with the proper training and equipment. Schools are responsible for providing the correct training protocols and hiring the necessary staffers. Preventive measures like these can go a long way.

Teenage Drivers

During the autumn season, there is a higher level of new teenage drivers on the roadways. Driver education courses tend to take place during this time of year as well. With so many new drivers on the road, this increases the statistical probability of harmful collisions.

Obeying School Traffic Laws

It is crucial for parents who are driving their children to school obey the traffic laws that have been established.  New Florida laws specifically apply to using hand held devices in school zones.  This is important, as there are numerous pedestrians in or around schools.  Also, statistics demonstrate that teens are more likely to be killed in traffic accidents than by any different means.  It’s always a good reminder for drivers in school zones to be extra careful!

Bus Riders

Bus stop safety precautions must also be reviewed. The majority of injuries take place when a child is getting off of the bus or while they are in the process of waiting for one. The unloading and loading processes must be monitored at all times. If the bus has stopped and the red flashing lights are out, this is a sign that motorists must stop.

Pedestrian Accidents

Any parent that is looking to assist their children in avoiding these accidents is best served by taking them to the bus stop themselves. Be sure to walk the route with the child, so that any potential distractions or dangers can be pointed out as quickly as possible. Students typically like to walk with headphones on. They also become distracted by their smartphones. Take the time to explain the perils that these types of distractions can present and encourage your children to pay attention.

A Port St. Lucie Florida auto accident attorney is able to protect the client’s rights during times like these. When liable insurance carriers and multiple defendants need to be identified, these attorneys have the experience and know-how to get the job done as quickly as possible. Their valuable resources must be utilized when it comes time to pursue claims against those who are at fault.