National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month has arrived, and the time has come to take a closer look at the current state of affairs, particularly on our state’s roadways. Unfortunately, South Florida residents are forced to grapple with the issues that are caused by drug use and drunk driving on an everyday basis. Now that marijuana usage is permitted under certain parameters, these types of issues are becoming even more apparent. Also, the opioid epidemic has also caused South Florida residents to sit up and take even more notice.


Thankfully, a Florida injury attorney can offer necessary advice and assistance to parties who are injured in accidents of these types. Jupiter and Port St Lucie residents are urged to contact an experienced Florida injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident of this nature takes place.

Impaired Driving Accident Claims

There are far too many consequences that can take place when a drunk and/or impaired driver is behind the wheel. When these motorists decide to operate a vehicle under such circumstances, the results are often fatal. Victims and their loved ones are then left holding the bag.

While it would seem that due to the use of alcohol or drugs, these cases are more straight-forward. However, that does not mean that the accident victim should ever forgo consultation with, and retention of, an experienced auto accident attorney. First, there are complicated laws for residents to untangle. Wrongful death claims and injury claims can be very difficult for an accident victim to handle on their own, especially when insurance companies and their attorneys are involved. When insurance companies are involved, they are typically looking to minimize any potential payout to the victim and their family. They also attempt to minimize the injuries and blame the victim if they can.

There are also instances when the at-fault driver does not adequate insurance coverage. In fact, the state of Florida is home to the nation’s largest number of uninsured motorists. Also, low limit coverage is also common in the state of Florida. This leaves accident victims without the necessary restitution. For this reason, in some instances motorists may need to take legal action against their own insurance carrier. Even a passenger who is riding in a vehicle driven by a driver found to be at fault has various legal options.

Victims of accidents caused by impaired drivers may be entitled to special types of damages under Florida law called punitive damages. Experienced auto accident lawyers know about the entitlement to these types of damages and the necessary steps that need to be followed to ensure they are available.

Clients will also need assistance when it comes to understanding the costs of their injuries. There are future consequences that must be discussed in a more open forum. The client must take the time to make sure that their settlement will cover any concerns that are going to arise in the future. Those who place too much emphasis on an immediate settlement are placing themselves in a needlessly challenging position going forward.

For all of these reasons and more, cases of this nature are particularly challenging for the layperson. Those who have an experienced attorney by their side will have a much less difficult case proceeding than individuals who attempt to move forward without legal representation.


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