An appellate court in Florida, earlier this month, made a ruling concerning a personal injury case. According to reports, the defendant is the owner of a parking lot which was leased to a food truck. Although the defendant created and operated the parking lot, a different company was responsible for using it. The parking lot was especially crowded during the weekends. One weekend, the plaintiff wanted to visit the food truck but had to go to another place to park due to overcrowding of the defendants parking lot.

On his way out of the parking lot, he hit the car of another driver who was about to enter the defendants parking lot. When he came down from his car to apologize, the other driver didn’t listen, got very angry, got into his car and put it on reverse. Unfortunately, as he put the car on reverse, he ran over the plaintiff leaving him seriously injured. The plaintiff contacted his Florida Injury Attorney and filed a lawsuit against the owner of the parking lot.

Suit Rejected By The Court

The court rejected the case presented by the plaintiff because the defendant didn’t owe the plaintiff a duty of care. The court ruled that the manner in which the accident occurred was not foreseeable and there was no link between the defendant’s negligence and the plaintiff’s injuries.

According to the explanation of the court, there was no negligence on the part of the defendant that contributed to the injuries the plaintiff suffered. The defendant was only the owner of the parking lot. He only created and leased the parking lot to the food truck. He was not responsible for security in the parking lot. Also, there was no relationship between the creation, operation, or leasing of the parking lot and the aggressive behavior of the driver who ran the plaintiff over. The court, therefore, held that the suit was inappropriate in this particular case because the parking lot owner owed the plaintiff no duty of care.

Have you Experienced Any Form of Injury in a Parking Lot?

It’s not uncommon for people to get injured in a parking lot or any other place. If you or anyone you love is a victim of an accident, the first thing to do is contact a Florida Injury Attorney. The attorney will help you discover if you are entitled to any monetary compensation. If you are, you can get the compensation you need through a personal injury lawsuit. Make sure you go for dedicated personal injury attorneys who have ample experience in dealing with personal injury cases. They will help you preserve your rights and get the compensation you deserve. Even if the plaintiff in this case was not compensated, a good attorney will help you determine if you are entitled to any compensation.