Consumers that decide to purchase food from a caterer in the Orlando or Boca Raton area do not wish to find themselves in an emergency room. When they do, this is typically when a Florida injury attorney is contacted. A consumer should be able to place their trust in their catering company without having to worry.

One recent case has brought this issue to the public’s attention and Florida injury attorneys are doing their absolute best to make sense of it all. The case in question raises a valid point: what level of responsibility do catering companies have as far as protecting their customers from potential food poisoning?

A court was asked to discuss their opinion about the matter and their opinion may surprise some. Determining who should carry responsibility for the burden of providing customers with untainted food is difficult. For many, the concept of proper food care is important.

Why should a caterer be forced to pay out to a client that did not take the correct steps to care for the food once it was in their possession? The case in question concerned a couple who had hired a caterer for their wedding rehearsal dinner. The food made them sick and so they sought the counsel of the court.

The parties who were responsible for filing suit against the caterer wanted compensation for the damages that they had experienced. The caterer, on the other hand, decided to argue that there was no way of knowing whether the food made the customers sick by itself. The catering company also argued that their employees had eaten the food without becoming ill.

The trial court decided to rule in favor of the catering company but the plaintiffs won the case on appeal. The lower court was found to have acted in error when they ruled in the caterer’s favor. As it turns out, they were using too burdensome of a standard to determine fault and this was to blame for the faulty verdict.

When food poisoning takes place, clients need to know that their Florida injury attorney has their back. When all we have to assist us is circumstantial evidence, we need to know that we have a legal representative by our side that we can actually trust. This is where an experienced attorney comes into play.

The best Florida attorneys are always on hand and ready to answer any questions that are presented to them. Their extensive level of experience provides clients with the assistance that they need when the truly tough cases come along. When matters that are related to food poisoning are up for dispute, it is time to contact the professionals so that they can provide the right guidance.


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