Haunted houses are supposed to provide hours of enjoyment. Florida residents love to visit these locations in search of some good, wholesome family fun. But what happens when they are injured at these locations? What sort of recourse do they have? A Florida injury attorney is here to provide insight.

No one wants to get hurt when they are spending time at a haunted house. However, there are past stories about those who have become injured at these locations. A woman from the state of Michigan was tripped up by a moving wall and numerous bones were fractured during the resulting fall.

Florida Injury Attorney: Low Lighting Is To Blame

She said that low lighting was to blame. While the people who are responsible for running the haunted house tried to pass the blame and claimed that they had printed disclaimers beforehand, this was not considered to be enough. The woman received a settlement of over $100,000.

Even if you sign a disclaimer before walking into a Florida haunted house this Halloween, you are still entitled to a settlement if you are injured. Haunted houses are not always thought of as an area where many injuries take place but those who have spent time in some in the past can definitely relate.

A Florida injury attorney will provide a client who has been injured in a haunted house with all of the help that they need. Signing a waiver is not the same as signing all of your rights away. It does not protect the person or persons who are responsible for running the haunted house from any injuries that take place.

Use Caution Especially When You Are having Fun

When we visit these haunted houses, it is important to follow a few safety tips. The shoes that you wear need to fit properly. Walking slow is always in your best interests. Take it from us, you do not want to walk into any sharp edges because you were in too much of a hurry.

Unexpected scares are part of the fun but that does not mean we should be throwing all caution to the wind. Receiving legal assistance for an injury that takes place at a haunted house is a given but what happens if the client is found to have ignored the tips and pointers that were provided to them before they even arrived on the premises?

Premises liability claims can be filed in these instances and a Florida attorney is more than happy to help. Duty, breach of duty, causation and damages all need to be proven. These are the elements of every case of this nature that have to be examined in full. Otherwise, the client will struggle to receive the settlement that they deserve and be forced to fight an uphill battle when seeking a settlement.


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