South Florida and Treasure Coast residents that are looking to remain safe during storm season must pay close attention to lightning. It is an area that is not always discussed. Personal injury attorneys in Florida can provide further background when needed. As Tropical Storm Humberto continues to form on the horizon, Mother Nature’s power cannot be ignored.


Jupiter and Port St. Lucie residents all find themselves at risk. Deadly lightning strikes regularly take place in the South Florida and Treasure Coast regions during this time of year. In fact, our state leads the nation in fatalities that take place due to electrical storms. Port St Lucie personal injury attorneys can handle these injuries and make sure that any potential claim is taken care of in a timely manner.

The National Weather Service has been quick to remind local residents of the risks. If you are outside when thunder begins to rumble off in the distance, you are at risk for being struck by lightning. If the lightning strikes are occurring within 30 seconds of the sound of thunder, this means that the citizen will need to take shelter immediately.

In these instances, do not use the phone and avoid windows and doorways. Metal objects should obviously be avoided as well. If you are unable to return to your home, be sure to take refuge in your motor vehicle. This is typically one of the best options available at times like these.

South Florida Lightning Liability

A variety of entities (including government agencies) may share some level of liability when these sorts of instances occur. Schools, employers, outdoor event organizers and sporting event hosts may all share the same level of liability if their attendees are left in danger for any reason.

The chances of being struck by lightning are not particularly high but these odds can experience a significant decrease if the person is not careful. In fact, the University Risk Management and Insurance Association has enacted a set of safety parameters that must be met at all times. The Southeastern football conference (home of the Florida Gators) has declared the college sporting events must be delayed for at least 33 minutes when lightning strikes take place.

Direct strikes, ground strikes, electromagnetic pulses and nearby object splashes are all problematic in nature. There is more than one way to be struck by lightning and South Florida and Treasure Coast residents must always bear that in mind. These cases can be very complex, from both a medical and a legal standpoint.

That’s why experienced attorneys are of the utmost importance. They assist clients in protecting their legal rights when they are injured in these types of scenarios. Please make sure to contact an attorney to review all of the facts related to the case before any sort of final decisions are made.