In the wake of the recent accident that took place in Lehigh Acres, a personal injury attorney in Florida has to consider all of the ripple effects that are going to take place. A personal injury attorney also has to consider the fact that there are a number of local residents who are unaware of these types of accidents.

Luckily, this particular collision did not cause any fatalities and the injuries that were sustained were minor in nature. There have been more serious accidents in the past that should be mentioned, however. A Lee County school bus collided with a motorist and they were killed as a result.

That is why attorneys emphasize the importance of being aware of the risks that are going to take place. School buses can be especially difficult for motorists to share the roadways with. They take up a great deal of space and it is often challenging for drivers to maneuver around these vehicles.

The side streets and byways are where school buses are often found and larger commercial vehicles often struggle to avoid them. The drop off and pick up hours are especially problematic and drivers are urged to take supreme caution during these periods. This is especially true at the start of each school year.

As a general rule of thumb, a motorist needs to be willing to wait for buses to clear out before trying to make their way around them. Crashes are commonly caused by motorists who are too eager to make their way around a bus and it is essentially impossible for these motorists to see where they are going.

Think of it this way: will the few moments that are being saved by trying to drive around a bus be worth the potential damages to the vehicle? What about children who are potentially attempting to board the bus? The minimal gains that are to be had in these instances are simply not worth it.

These are the messages that a personal injury attorney in Florida tries their absolute best to impart. If a bus is stopped and their lights are flashing, a driver is required by the laws that have been passed in the state of Florida to stop. There are absolutely, positively no exceptions to this rule. When a driver is found to have broken this law, there are severe criminal penalties involved.

Parents also need to provide their children with certain safety tips. Children should always arrive to the bus stop early so that they are not running and placing themselves at risk. They should have a strong rapport with their bus driver and know them by name. If motorists and parents both do their part, the roadways can remain safe during the coming school year.