There are a variety of sites that are designed to assist South Florida residents with holiday travel safety concerns. However, these sites cannot always accommodate for the concerns that arise during Thanksgiving and Christmas travel periods. Knowing more about how to stay safe in Florida is a key step.


Over 100 million people will be traveling this holiday season. This creates a great deal of havoc for those who are not accustomed to these sorts of issues. A personal injury attorney in Jupiter is going to receive a high volume of calls during these time periods. Fortunately, a Jupiter auto accident lawyer can also offer a wide range of helpful tips:

1.       Avoid drinking and driving at all costs. If there is any doubt about your ability to drive, do not risk it. There are a wide range of ride-sharing services that will be more than happy to assist you in making it to your destination.

2.       Don’t make the mistake of allowing the holiday season to stress you out. Be sure to take a moment for yourself every now and again. Relax and recharge the batteries as needed.

3.       Get a head start on your travel planning and the trip you are taking. There is no reason to rush in either regard. Give yourself plenty of time. If you get behind, you are far more likely to become frustrated. These are the sorts of conditions that cause accidents to occur.

4.       Plan for a higher volume of traffic. When it comes time to leave your home, don’t cut it too close. There will probably be delays and a heavy amount of traffic.

5.       Service the vehicle in question before any long trips, so that there are no issues related to the steering, brakes, handling, etc. Otherwise, you may need to stop short and not be able to.

6.       Plan to travel at non-peak times if possible. It is in your best interests to try and travel on weekdays as well, as opposed to waiting until the weekend. The days immediately following and preceding Thanksgiving and Christmas are the worst days to travel on. If south Florida residents can possibly avoid them…..they should.

The most experienced personal injury attorneys are able to assist their clients in a number of ways. When accidents and incidents take place due to seasonal events, it can be difficult for the client to make sense of it all.  Early consultation is key in these instances. Without early consultation, insurance companies can become even more elusive. By taking the time to hire a personal injury attorney and document the case, a proper settlement can be achieved with a greater level of ease.


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