Now that South Florida parents are preparing to send their children back to school on August 12, there is going to be an influx of pedestrian traffic. When motorists are in the midst of their afternoon and morning commutes, they should expect to see more young children on the streets.
Pedestrians and bicyclists are already in a great deal of danger, as Florida has been named as the nation’s most accident prone state. The beginning of each school year leads to an increased level of risk. A Jupiter, Florida injury attorney can offer valuable assistance in this regard.


Caution must be used. Parents and children can definitely benefit from the following tips. As a rule of thumb, motorists should always provide children with the right-of-way. This is how accidents are avoided.

Back To School Safety Tips For Parents and Children From a Jupiter Florida Injury Attorney

1. Don’t Rush

Be sure to arrive in plenty of time. Rushing leads to accidents. Give the child enough time to arrive without having to hurry.

2. Bright Clothing Is a Must

This makes the child easier for motorists to spot.

3. Walk Facing Traffic

Smaller children are not always visible when they walk against the traffic. Walk facing traffic at all times.

4. Don’t Play Near The Street

This should go without saying, but parents should always take the time to reiterate.

5. Follow Instructions

Crossing guards and bus drivers are on hand to make sure that the child is kept safe at all times. Make sure that your little one is listening to their instructions.

6. Remain Alert

Children should not be traveling to and from school without remaining fully alert. Make sure that they are not allowing themselves to become distracted. Phones need to be put away during the trip.

Pedestrian and Walker Tips

Those who are walking or biking during these periods will need to remain cognizant as well. Let’s take a closer look at some additional tips that are of the utmost importance:

1. Rehearse The Child’s Route

Take a walk or a bicycle ride to and from the school before the first day arrives, as a means of rehearsal. This lets the child know more about the truly dangerous areas.

2. Reflective Gear Is Crucial

This is especially important for any child that will be walking to and from school when the skies are dusky.

3. Use Sidewalks

When planning the child’s route, it is important to make sure that they are using sidewalks wherever possible.

4. Learning Hand Signals

Any cyclist that is on the roadways should have the proper knowledge. Learn the necessary hand signals and be sure to remember the rules of the road.

5. No Headphones

Headphones cause accidents and lead to distraction.

6. Wear a Bicycle Helmet

Last but not least, a Jupiter, Florida injury attorney will always recommend using a bicycle helmet. All riders under the age of 16 must wear a helmet, by Florida law.

Parents must take the proper steps to ensure the safety of their children. Motorists will also need to make sure that they are allowing children to travel safely. Everyone has to come together to do their part, so that Florida roadways can remain safe during the back to school season.