Florida pedestrians who are looking to stay safe on the roadways are inundated with stories about the accidents that are taking place. Even skateboarders are struggling to remain safe. In fact, 2018 is believed to have been the deadliest year for these accidents since the 1990s.


Fort Pierce and Port St. Lucie residents must remain cognizant of the risks before hiring an accident lawyer. But how can those who reside in St. Lucie County avoid the usual pitfalls that usually take place?

How an Accident Attorney Can Help

An accident attorney is able to assist their clients in a number of ways. An auto accident lawyer will also provide a client with helpful tips and pointers that are designed to keep them safe. Lawmakers are currently working to cut down on these accidents, but an auto crash lawyer is an invaluable resource as Florida residents look to make sense of things.

Tips From an Auto Accident Attorney

An auto accident attorney or accident lawyer will recommend that their clients do the following in order to stay safe:

1. Cross only at marked crosswalks. A car crash attorney’s ability to assist can be limited if the pedestrian crosses the street illegally.
2. Teach children early.
3. Avoid walking home while drunk. Otherwise, a car crash attorney may not be able to build a viable on the client’s behalf.
4. Avoid distracted walking as well.
5. Make sure that you are always visible to the motorists you are sharing the roadway with. This is one of the most crucial pieces of advice that an accident attorney has to offer.
6. Green spaces should be considered for walks as often as possible. An accident attorney can offer further insight and let the pedestrian know about the presence of these areas.

How Can Drivers Contribute To a Safer Environment?

A driver should always remain alert when they are behind the wheel. The pedestrian is not the only one who needs to be avoiding all distractions. No driving under the influence and no driving while emotions are running high. Driving defensively is also key. This allows the driver to see what is happening before it takes place.

Lastly, a driver needs to make sure that they are taking a closer look at the sidewalks while they are in transit. Expect the unexpected and pay close attention to the surroundings. A child could be playing close to the street. A pedestrian may be trying to cross. Practice looking at the other lanes and sidewalks for best results.

A car accident lawyer can assist any Fort Pierce & Port St. Lucie, Florida resident who experiences an accident of this nature. Be sure to contact an experienced car crash lawyer as soon as a pedestrian accident takes place, so that you can receive all of the necessary legal assistance.