Now that Halloween is upon us, it is time to assess the most common risks that children are subjected to during this time of year. Many do not realize that this can be a dangerous time of year, especially if parents do not take the time to be careful. Fortunately, a Florida car accident lawyer is able to help prospective clients make sense of it all.


Injuries and accidents can take place any time of year, but Halloween is especially challenging for parents who are looking to keep their little ones safe. Because of the safety risks, there have even been petitions to move Halloween to a potentially safer time of year. Also, while Halloween risks are high, the injury risks remain throughout the fall and winter as well. Therefore, both parents and children need to remain vigilant.

The Importance of Pedestrian Safety

On October 31st, the goblins and ghouls that are going to be lurking the streets will be the least of any parent’s worries. Florida safety advocates and Florida car accident lawyers urge any concerned parent to take the time to educate their children. By equipping a child with the safety knowledge that they need, parents can help to ensure their ability to hopefully avoid Halloween dangers. Indeed, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has provided valuable tips and pointers to assist families:

Remain Cautious

Children need to be told to stop, look and listen before crossing any and all streets. This is a rule that has to be followed at all times. Motorists also need to remain cognizant of children, and their need to cross. They also need to be mindful that in light of all the excitement of the holiday, children may not be paying attention to the cars on the road.

Slow Down

Be sure to yield to pedestrians. A child’s view of oncoming vehicles could be obstructed, so bear this is mind.

Staying Alert

Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens and Port St. Lucie residents need to have the proper expectations. Children who are dressed in all black costumes will be making their way through the streets. Trick-or-treaters are one thing, but there are also likely to be a wide range of Halloween events and parties also taking place this time of year.


Safety Tips For Parents

Remain Visible

Children need to be offered safety aids that allow them to remain visible. Flashlights, glow sticks, reflectors and other aids of this nature are key.

Prevent Hazards

Trips and falls are common. Children must be directed to use well-lit walkways and sidewalks. Also, pick the right footwear and costumes.

Maintain Vision

Choose a costume for the child that does not obstruct their vision in any way.

Use Available Sidewalks and Crosswalks

Pedestrian laws must be obeyed at all times. Parents and children cannot neglect these rules during the Halloween season.

Steer Clear of Distractions

Drivers need to steer clear of any and all distractions, so that their reaction times are not reduced. Children need to be reminded of the safety rules and parents must be sure that they are avoiding distractions as well.

Stay Seen

A child who is visible to drivers is a child that is going to remain safe. Any pedestrian that is making through the Florida streets needs to make eye contact with motorists before crossing any roadways.


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