Sadly, fatal pedestrian crashes are on the rise in Florida. Several recent studies have confirmed these suspicions. In fact, the Governor’s Highway Safety Association found that these accidents increased substantially in the year 2018.


How Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens Pedestrians Can Remain Safe

The increase is thought to be attributable to more pedestrians out walking and more large SUV’s on the roadway. Additionally, alcohol and inattentiveness are thought to be contributing factors. Statistics show that these types of accidents also tend to occur more often in places like Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens during the nighttime hours. That’s because visibility is much lower for drivers after dark. Researchers are now looking for the proper solution to this common issue.

Advice From an Auto Accident Lawyer

An auto crash lawyer is able to provide helpful insight in this regard. When an accident attorney offers advice, these are the tips and pointers that can help pedestrians remain safe:

1. Be sure to use crosswalks and walk in intersections that are easily visible to motorists.

2. Teach your little ones about pedestrian safety when they are small.

3. Avoid distracted walking. Save the texts and phone calls for later.

4. Do not walk while under the influence.

5. Remain visible to drivers at all times, including wearing visible clothing.

6. Never assume that you have right of way and make sure that all vehicles have come to a complete stop.

7. Use the green spaces provided in the South Florida area for your walks. The fewer streets you have to cross, the safer your journey will be.

What Can Drivers Do To Protect Motorists?

A Jupiter car accident lawyer will also offer advice to Florida motorists. An accident  lawyer can let a Florida motorist know how to remain safe on the roadways (and keep pedestrians safe in the process). The following tips allow motorists to steer clear of pedestrians:

1. Remain alert at all times. Distracted driving should be avoided at all costs.

2. Drive defensively. It is important for a motorist to plan ahead and stay prepared for anything.

3. Check sidewalks, in addition to other lanes. An accident lawyer will let their clients know about the importance of scanning sidewalks. This lets the driver take notice if there are children in the road.

If a pedestrian is injured in an accident and they believe that the motorist is at fault, it is time to contact a car accident lawyer. An initial consultation is provided to the client free of charge, allowing them to learn everything that they need to know about their case. While motorists and pedestrians should do everything in their power to avoid such accidents, an experienced legal representative is always on hand to assist Florida residents in need.