Ride share services have made their way into the news for unfortunate reasons as of late. A murder recently took place after a student mistook a stranger for their ride share service, and now there are a number of questions being asked about the personal safety issues that are being created.


States are now passing laws to address these concerns, over the objections of Uber, Lyft and other similar services. Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens residents are now left to wonder about the steps that they need to take in order to remain safe.

Helpful Tips From a Port St. Lucie, FL Auto Accident Attorney

Car accidents and passenger attacks may not be a common occurrence, but an auto crash attorney will still advise potential clients to remain prepared.
These are the pointers that an accident lawyer will recommend in the majority of instances:

Remain Indoors While Waiting

An experienced accident lawyer is going to recommend staying inside while waiting for the ride share service to arrive. This gives the rider a chance to see the driver from afar. Are they operating their vehicle in an erratic manner? If so, this is a sure sign to remain indoors.

Know The Vehicle’s Make and Model

By knowing the vehicle’s make and model, a Florida resident can avoid the type of issues that would necessitate the hiring of a car accident lawyer. A car accident lawyer’s ability to assist their client is hindered when they are proven to have some level of responsibility for what has taken place.

Take a Photo of the Vehicle

Accident attorneys recommend this tactic to those who are traveling by themselves. The rider will also want to stay on the phone with their friend in case something goes awry. Let the accident attorney know if anything illegal takes place.

Don’t Make Assumptions

Too many passengers make the mistake of assuming that the vehicle they are getting into is their ride share service, without taking the time to ask first. The driver is going to have the passenger’s name already because of the app that is being used. Wait for them to ask for your name. Don’t just assume.

Trust Your Gut Feelings

An accident lawyer is always going to encourage a potential client to trust their instincts. If the driver is behaving in an unusual manner or something does not feel right, it is time to ask for a drop off. Remove yourself from the vehicle and call the authorities. Alert an accident lawyer as well.

Those who have used a ride share and been attacked or exposed to an injury due to an accident will want to call a car crash lawyer right away. An experienced car crash lawyer lets their clients know exactly what to expect and gives them the tools they need to receive a favorable outcome. Document as much information as possible, receive medical assistance immediately and do not hesitate to contact an accident lawyer.