Added stress is not something any person wants. Being involved in a car accident in Jupiter, Florida is one event that you most certainly want to avoid. But if you are in an accident, you definitely will need assistance after the crash.


Are You At Fault?

First and foremost, never admit fault, or accept any blame. There are some important calls to make, but not until you have had yourself and any others in your family, checked out my medical professionals. Even if you feel okay, this is not the time to be tough and suck it all in. Be sure to visit the hospital or an urgent care immediately following the crash. There could be injuries hiding in wait, until the adrenaline wears off. Only a medical professional can determine this. You will need to keep any hospital instructions, determinations and all billing.

The next highly important aspect of a crash is to contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Jupiter, Florida. The attorney can assist you in obtaining the complete police report and filings. These reports will state who is at fault, and also may include the names of eye witnesses. Do not fear though, even though it was your brakes that failed, this does not mean the accident is your fault.

Potential Liability

This is still a possibility, so you must prepare to hear those words out of the Personal Injury Attorney’s mouth. Some ways that you could be held accountable is if you were distracted while driving, weren’t wearing your seat-belt or that you failed to maintain your vehicle properly. For instance, if you knew your brakes were getting low, making a squeaking noise, or if a mechanic stated that they would need to be replaced soon and you did not follow through.

However, the mechanic could also be held responsible. If your repair shop did not do a proper job of maintenance when hired and requested, this crash could fall to their shoulders. The car manufacturer could also be held responsible. Oftentimes, there are recalls on many vehicles due to faulty parts or issues. This means it is possible that there was a defect in the brake parts.

The Auto parts seller or manufacturer could also be held liable for damages. Whether you had hired a mechanic to complete the repair or even if you completed the work yourself, the part may have had a defect that you didn’t know about.

Finding the Answers

Consulting with an Auto Accident Attorney is the smartest decision you could make during this whole scenario. The attorney has a team that works for them, that will investigate and determine which aspect caused the crash to happen.

Remember, not all injuries are apparent to the accident victims. It is best to allow a Doctor to do a complete check and determine what injuries you have. There are some serious ones that can happen that would put you out of work for an extended amount of time. You will need the compensation that an attorney would be able to fight for you to get. An attorney is educated on these matters and is the only one who is trained to deal with the courts, the insurance and all other possible parties involved.