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Unfortunately, auto accidents happen every day. Having to deal with your property being damaged and your health being impaired can be very stressful. All too often, there is a dispute about who ran the red light or who improperly changed lanes. If the matter is to be resolved in a court of law, it comes down to which party can produce the most evidence. Find out on today’s blog why dashcams may be the solution.

Dash Cams: Types, Uses and Benefits

Dashboard Cameras or dashcams were first popular in Russia and Asia as a method to fight insurance fraud and police corruption. Later, dashcams entered the United States, becoming very popular with law enforcement and commercial shipping companies. Police officers across the country document traffic stops and field sobriety tests through the use of these recording devices. These days, however, dashcams have become much more popular with every-day drivers.

There are various types of car cameras which can target different fields of view. Some cameras feature an exterior view to record the front or back view only versus a cabin or inside viewing mode. These cabin views are often used in Lyft and Uber vehicles.

In addition to the different views, there are also many options to purchase to accompany your dashcam including night vision, smart phone applications, battery, remote viewing, GPS, audio and loop recording. Wikipedia is a great resource for more detailed descriptions of the types and functions of these recording devices.

There are many benefits to having a dashcam installed in your vehicle. When parked, dashcams can provide video evidence if vandalism occurs to your vehicle or property in the surrounding area. Another really important benefit is to have a record if you are involved in an auto accident.

Accidents can happen in a split second. Drivers often have very different memories and descriptions of what occurred in the accident. Even worse, sometimes cars leave the scene of the accident. This is where video-proof and a reliable auto accident attorney can save you from being found at-fault in an accident where you have no legal responsibility.

An article by Penny Gusner has details and explains even more examples of why drivers should consider investing in a dashboard camera.

Legal Issues Involving Dash Cams

According to the Florida Statute Section 316.2004, Florida’s Windshield Obstruction Law, dashcams are permitted so long as they do not create a windshield obstruction.

However, Florida’s wiretapping or Electronic Audio Surveillance Laws may come into play, and dashcam owners should be aware of their implications. These laws prohibit people from collecting audio or electronic communication without first getting someone’s permission.

Another statute that could come into play is Florida Statute Section 810.145. This law states that people cannot video record others where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Essentially, these laws may make it illegal to have an audio recording device for your dashcam. The smart thing to do is use reasonable consideration of others. Inform other drivers and passengers of the vehicle that they may be video recorded to get their permission.

Whether or not a dashcam recording can be admitted as evidence in Florida personal injury lawsuits is another consideration and can be more complicated. Should you find yourself injured in a car accident, contacting a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer for a free consultation is the best way to find out whether or not your dashcam video can be useful and admissible.

What to look for when buying a DashCam

Getting a dashboard camera installed in your car is a good step to add an extra layer of protection for yourself and your loved ones. However, it is important to know what to buy and how to properly have it properly installed. An article published on Lifehack by Nick Phillips is a good resource to get you started.

Following the above tips and getting a dashboard camera installed in your car will hopefully help you and your loved ones avoid extra stress should a car accident occur. However, if you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident in Jupiter or Port St. Lucie, it is crucial to consult a knowledgeable auto accident lawyer to discuss your legal rights.


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