Bad roads and poor weather conditions are common causes of road accidents in Florida. When a car accident is caused by a careless driver, it isn’t always straightforward to determine who is at fault. Unfortunately, when bad roads and bad weather conditions are involved, it becomes more difficult to determine which driver is liable.

According to an insurance company that has a presence in Florida, rain is one of the leading causes of road accidents. Vehicles usually lose grip on wet roads, and their tires slide across the road. This reduces the control drivers have on their vehicles. This is why you need to reduce your speed when you run into a wet road. Unfortunately, Florida is one of the states that encounter heavy rainfall.

Other common causes of auto accidents in Florida include poor maintenance which makes road unsafe, such as when tree trunks and foliage block motorists views of other roads ahead, oncoming vehicles, traffic lights, and important road signs. When an accident is caused by bad road or bad weather conditions, it is important to get a personal injury attorney in Florida involved because of the complexities.


Why You Need A Car Accident Attorney In Florida

In a state with high rainfall, regular flooding can cause cracks in roads and the cracks will continue to get wider and more dangerous until they are fixed. Some cracks turn into potholes and sometimes the asphalt sinks and breaks up and make the road even more dangerous.

If you get injured in a car accident due to someone else’s fault, bad road, or poor maintenance of the road, you deserve to be compensated and that is why you need the services of a car accident attorney in Florida. The real problem is that when an accident is caused by poor road conditions, it is not always obvious. It requires a lot of investigation on the part of your injury attorney to figure out the truth.

However, figuring out the truth is just one leg, he also has to gather enough evidence and be able to prove it by the greater weight of the evidence. In Florida, public roads are divided into the City Street System, the County Road System, The State Park Road System, and The State Highway System.

The significance of this division in this issue is that drivers will know what tier of government is liable when an accident is caused by poor road maintenance. For instance, if the accident occurs on the road within the City Street System, city agencies will be held liable.

In other words, each tier of government is obliged to ensure that every road within its system is always in perfect state. Every road has to be safe for cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and drivers. However, no matter how bad any road is, it may not cause serious accidents if every Florida driver decides to drive within the stipulated speed limit. Speed is believed to be another major cause of accidents.


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