It has come to the time of the year when the number of accidents caused by bad weather conditions increases tremendously. Since Florida is known for extreme weather conditions, Florida Highway Patrol as well as Florida injury attorneys has already started reminding motorists that this is the period when they need to be extra careful because of bad weather.

No matter how experienced you are in driving, standing water, high winds, and slick roads can catch you unawares and all the three weather conditions have caused fatal accidents numerous times. What makes the weather in Florida worse is the fact that it changes rapidly. That means the weather can be very clear now and you decide to go out only to get half way and the weather suddenly becomes darker hampering visibility.

An experienced Florida injury attorney believes that this is the period when every driver should take weather forecast more seriously and never miss anyone. If you have problems driving in strong wind and weather men say it is going to be windy in your area of Florida, then you should either take a taxi or postpone your trip if it is not urgent.

Every Florida injury attorney believes that the following are the common causes of road accidents caused by bad weather in Florida.

Cloudiness, rain, fog, and smoke all hinder visibility. So, when any of these occurs, drivers will have poor visibility and their sight is shortened too. When you encounter any of such, you need to drive at low speed, drive with your low beam headlight and most of all, keep a safe distance from the vehicle right in front of you and expect it to stop suddenly.

Often times, motorists stop suddenly when they run into standing water that didn’t appear as much as it really is from a distance. So, if the car ahead of you suddenly stops, you may be forced to stop suddenly too and this could lead to a chain of rear-end collisions. But if you had been expecting the car to stop suddenly, it won’t catch you unprepared. This means that standing water is another common threat. It often makes vehicles hydroplane of the road when they run into it at top speed.

Wind is another common cause of road accidents as it also hinders visibility. So, if you run into either a blinding rain or a strong wind, it is better to find a safe spot to park your car until the situation is better.

According to a reliable report, flood is also a common cause of road accidents. In fact, about 100 people die in flood in the United States annually on the average. So, you need to be careful with water. In a situation when vehicles begin to float on water, occupants should calmly unbuckle their seat belts, roll down the windows and escape through the window.

The worst kind of flood is the one that pushes vehicles into a canal. Escaping from a vehicle that is being dragged is very dangerous and difficult. The amount of water that can push a vehicle will push humans more easily.

It is worthy of note that most vehicles now come with power windows that may have been rendered inoperable by water. You will need to break the window with the edge of your seat belt or something else. Most importantly, never go out without listening to or checking the weather forecast for the day.