The statistics that surround child bicycling in Florida can be scary for parents to look at []. Hit and run accidents take place on a shockingly regular basis []. Children enjoy biking but this fun activity can lead to serious long term issues. Contacting a bike accident attorney in Florida is typically in your best interests.

How Common Are Bike Accidents?

While there are roughly half a million bike accidents that take place each year in the United States, almost three-fifths of these accidents involve children. A large number of these accidents are serious enough to necessitate an overnight stay at a Florida hospital.

How Can A Bike Accident Attorney In Florida Help?

The Initial Reaction

A parent’s initial response to an accident of this nature is going to tell the story. Even when a child is injured or crying, it is important for a parent to remain as calm as possible. Your child will need you to stay strong and avoid the urge to have a nervous breakdown right there on the spot.

Be sure to look your little one over as carefully as possible. If they have severe injuries that will require further medical attention, they need to be documented. This is especially important if the injuries are persistent. Otherwise, you may receive a settlement that is not commiserate with the child’s pain and suffering.

Medical Assistance

Parents must take the time to seek out the proper medical assistance. No case is going to have a desirable outcome without it. A parent who attempts to file suit without receiving medical assistance is placing themselves in a very precarious position. Medical assistance is crucial when it comes to ruling out (or diagnosing) more severe injuries.

Never hesitate to get your child the medical assistance that is necessary. The physician gives you the information that you need in order to proceed and makes sure that your child is able to mend their injuries. They are also able to prescribe the necessary healing exercises.

Helpful Tips

Of course, it never hurts for parents and children to simply avoid bike accidents in the first place. Make sure that the child wears lots of protective padding and do not allow them to ride their bicycle without taking the time to put on brightly colored, protective clothing.

Take the time to sit down with your little one and provide them with a refresher course on bike safety skills. In fact, even parents of older children would do well to make sure that their offspring are following the necessary rules. If an accident takes place and you are not present for it, ask the child to recreate the scene as best as possible.

By following these tips and consulting with an experienced attorney, you can receive a favorable outcome for your case. Teach your children about the proper riding habits and follow the correct protocol if and when an accident does take place.