Distracted driving laws have long been a point of emphasis for any bike accident attorney in Florida. The Florida House was looking to pass laws that would allow for harsher distracted driving penalties but in a surprising turn of events, the Senate decided that they were not interested in hearing the bill.

At the current moment, driving distracted does not come with very harsh penalties. Even something as potentially harmful as texting while driving comes with a secondary penalty. So why is this such a big deal?

A Bike Accident Attorney In Florida Explains

Distracted driving has become an accepted part of our lives but that does not make it any less hazardous. Drivers need to make sure that they still have the same reaction time that they would have normally. There are even studies which suggest that an inebriated driver would do a better job than a distracted driver.

While no sane person would advocate for either, the point is clear. Distracted driving should be treated with the same level of seriousness as any other form of illegal driving. How can we do our part to avoid the typical problems?

There are three different categories that need to be explored and we will discuss each of them in further detail:

Cognitive Distraction

This is when we are not paying attention to the road because our mind is someplace else. While this is understandable at times, guess what? We would not be able to provide ourselves with things to think about that led to cognitive distraction. Texting while driving fits in this category whether we would like to think so or not.

Manual Distraction

Again, using your phone is going to cause the distractions that we are trying to avoid. Every time you take your hands off the wheel, you are engaging in distracted driving. Any bike accident attorney in Florida who is worth their salt would agree.

Visual Distraction

Visual distraction takes place any time that we remove our hands from the wheel. Our eyes must always remain on the road if we wish to avoid the issues that are caused by visually distracted driving. Florida remains one of the few states in the country that refuses to take action against these sorts of infractions.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a crash that took place because of someone else’s distracted driving, it is time to contact an experienced attorney. They will always provide you with the assistance that you need and keep from fighting the uphill battle that Florida laws have created all by yourself. Holding other drivers accountable for their negligence becomes easy when you allow the right legal representative to assist you.