June 26

Personal Injury: Products Liability For Women’s Clothing Florida

According to a recent report released by The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission​), a set of women’s scarves were recalled​ due to the violation of the federal fire safety standards. The women’s scarves didn’t meet the standard of the federal flammability for clothing and at such users were at risk of burn injuries. DG Fashion.

June 21

Fentanyl In Florida, The Battle Rages On

The prescription drug epidemic cast an unflattering light on the state of Florida. As the government slammed shut the doors of pain clinics that were nothing more than pill mills, the deaths due to heroin overdose rose in places like Orlando, Boca Raton and Jupiter. Addiction is not an easy war to win. The problem.

June 19

Disabled Florida Woman Dropped By Airline

A Florida woman who is confined to a wheelchair due to a lifelong disability was dropped physically by an airline employee on a June 2017 flight. To add insult to injury, the airline irreparably damaged the lady’s wheelchair while unloading it. The total fiasco is just the latest in a series of accidents that have.

June 16

$ 15 Million Lawsuit Against A Strip Club In Vancouver

Amy Osborne-Clarke has filed a lawsuit against a strip club for about $15 million. Amy was seriously injured in a head-on collision caused by a wrong-way driver. The suit was filed by a Vancouver attorney on Friday in Multnomah County Court Circuit against Acropolis Steakhouse, 8325 S.E. McLoughlin Blvd. The suit alleges that the driver.

June 14

Reno Fraternity Facing Lawsuit After Death Of Student

Some weeks ago, a lawsuit was filed against a fraternity group of a University by the parents of freshman who died from injuries sustained from an alcohol induced accident. On the claims of negligence and abuse of state law by illegally providing alcohol to an underage, violations of state law and the university policies on.

June 7

How To Avoid Furniture Tip-Overs During ‘Spring-Cleaning’

  Families do a lot of cleaning, re-organizing, and decoration in the wake of spring all over the country, especially in Florida. As beautiful as this ritual is, many things can go wrong. Children and adults could suffer burns, bruises, and other serious injuries. Every 30 minutes, children get hurt as a result of furniture.

June 5

Dram Shop Laws: Holding Bars Responsible

Anybody who has suffered hurt as a result of the negligence of another person has the right to be compensated for their injuries. This holds true particularly for those individuals who have been hurt by drunk drivers, as well as other wrongdoers acting under the influence of alcohol. It’s not a new topic to most.

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