October 27

Florida Statutes And Personal Injury Caused By Negligent Employees

A company can be held liable if any of their employees caused an injury to somebody in the act of carrying out their duties. In Latin, this legal doctrine is termed ‘Respondeat superior’. This translates to ‘Let the master answer’; in other words, a third party can be held responsible for the actions of their.

October 25

Why Is The U. S. Senate Promoting Self-Driving Tech?

Recent action by a United States Senate has produced a storm of reaction from self-driving vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, labor unions, and safety advocates. The bill that has been constructed but not passed impacts the future actions of any personal injury attorney in Florida. The only know death involving a self driving vehicle occurred in.

October 18

The High Rate Of Distracted Driver Car Accidents In Florida

The Florida personal injury lawyers are well aware that distracted drivers bringing about car accidents is a non-essential problem that is disturbing the roadways of Florida, despite the fact that awareness month for distracted driving is April. Even a recent report says that over 90% drivers in Florida use phones whole driving and that is.

October 16

Drivers In Florida Cause More Injuries Through Car Accidents Than In Many Other States

According to recent statistics, Florida, in comparison to other states, experiences a high level of car accidents yearly. There has been a daily rise in the number of car accidents within the state of Florida.The study assessed accidents and police information compiled from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration which contains details of the.

October 13

Most Pedestrians Die Due To Bad Roads In Florida Car Accidents

Florida is in the news again, but not for the good reasons this time. A recent study has shown that pedestrians in Florida are at risk of experiencing wrongful deaths from car accidents. In fact, the state ranks highest in such cases amongst all other states in the US. Incredibly, pedestrians in Parkland, Pembroke Pines,.

October 11

Report Shows Rise In Auto Accidents In Florida From 2014 To 2016

In Florida as with any other state, it is the responsibility of drivers to drive in a manner that does not cause harm to people or destroy properties. If a driver violates this duty and harms someone, the driver may be held responsible and sued for injuries and damages. Whether or not the driver was.

October 6

Car Accidents: How To Determine Damages In Florida Car Accidents

Many times, people seek compensation when they are involved in a Florida car accident. Through a Florida Injury Attorney, they can bring a case against an allegedly reckless driver whose negligence resulted in their injuries. A personal injury plaintiff must, however, be able to establish that the defendant’s actions caused damages. Once a plaintiff successfully.

October 4

Does The State Of Florida Have The Worst Drivers?

Studies have shown that Florida is ranked among the states with the highest number of bad drivers. Records have shown that about 250,000 auto accidents occur yearly and about 100,000 result in fatal injuries. Some individuals have also lost their lives because of the reckless activities of some drivers on the road. They constantly disobey.

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