April 4

How To Successfully Make A Wage Loss Claim

Anyone can experience an accident. But many people are yet to know that they can successfully make a wage loss claim especially when involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault. If you have ever been in an accident that made you miss time from work, here is what you need to know. Provide credible.

March 29

Workplace Injuries Caused By Heavy Lifting.

Are you an employee? Then it is almost impossible that you have never been summoned by your employer to undertake some tasks that involve heavy lifting. As a matter of fact, the average employee might never decline such requests especially if the job is his only means of livelihood. Moving tools, objects, machines, furnishings and.

March 27

Important Safety Rules For Boating And Cruise Line In Florida

The atmosphere in Florida makes boating very tempting for residents and guests. Soothing breeze emanating from the ocean on a hot day after going through a hectic day at work makes cruising irresistible. This is why boating has become a hobby to a lot of Florida residents. Despite the fun, accidents do occur albeit rarely..

March 24

Questions Regarding Workers’ Compensation And Unemployment

Some workers in most of these companies are not aware of the compensation available to them. Most times, when they sustain an injury, they find it difficult to lay claims to their compensation or don’t even know how to go about it. There are a lot of laws that protects the right of a worker.

March 21

Achieving Peace Of Mind By Determining Fault

  After an accident has taken place, there are a number of concerns that must be dealt with in a very timely fashion. In addition to the medical expenses that you will be forced to deal with and the resulting legal procedure, there is also the important matter of determining who is at fault for.

March 16

Why Is Car Accident Death Rate Highest In The Us?

According to a recent report released in 2016, the US is one of few countries in the world, with the highest rate of car crash death. Despite the fact that the rate of death in car crashes has witnessed a significant drop by almost a third in the last decade, this fact still shows an.

March 14

How Workers Compensation In Florida Is Not Always Enough

Workers compensation is a form of insurance that provides medical benefits and wage replacement to any employee who gets injured in the course of employment to make him or her forfeit his right to sue his or her employers for the tort of negligence. Workers compensation in Florida is not always enough because the relevant.

March 6

Safety Measures For Driving On A Highway Under Construction

Driving on a highway under construction can be nerve wrecking. Some drivers become anxious and nervous when driving through these areas. Because of the construction, the need to drive slowly becomes unavoidable. There are certain things you need to do to be safer driving on a highway under construction. When you drive through these areas,.

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