Whether you are from Jupiter, Boca Raton or Orlando, you are probably well aware of the number of boating accidents that tend to take place during the summer months. This is the time of year when a personal injury attorney in Florida is bound to receive more calls than usual.

Boating accidents cause the sort of trouble that is bound to attract attention and when these cases make the news, the client will believe that they are entitled to a certain settlement. While this is an understandable impulse, a personal injury attorney in Florida must take the time to consider all of the facts of the case.

Florida possesses some of the most dangerous counties in the country when it comes to boating safety and clients must consider that fact before they place themselves in a precarious position. Lee County is believed to be the most dangerous county of them all and with nine fatal boating accidents in 2017 alone, it is easy to see why this distinction is being made.

The inherent risks that come with boating in this region need to be discussed openly so that would be boaters have a true idea of what they are facing. An attorney can only help but so much if the boater is found to have created their own danger. For example, the authorities are already warning local residents about the importance of wearing a life vest out on the water.

If an accident occurs and the injured party is found to have been out on the water without a life vest, this will keep them from being able to receive the settlement that they believe they’re entitled to. Boaters must also take the correct precautions when it comes to avoiding collisions. If not, their case may be thrown away before it has even reached a court of law.

Those who decide to head out onto the water this summer must make sure that they have the correct level of experience. A stunning number of accidents are caused by boaters who presume that they can handle the currents. Inexperienced boaters are also more likely to experience a collision that will cause them to become injured so be sure to bear this important fact in mind.

Otherwise, a personal injury attorney in Florida is not going to be able to offer any real assistance. Tourist companies that cater to the more inexperienced boaters out there will typically provide themselves with some form of coverage in case an accident occurs. It is up to the customer to read the fine print to make sure that they will have some level of recourse if the worst case scenario takes place. It is important that we remain vigilant.