In 2017, about 97.4 million people were involved in the end of the year travel, making 2017 the ninth consecutive year of rising year-end travel, and there is no indication that 2018 was any different. Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES) list December as the top month for auto accidents in three out of the last five years, spanning between 2013-2017.

Personal Injury Attorney:Winter Car Accidents

This isn’t surprising. When you combine the 14 million licensed drivers on Florida roadways with those who are taking time off work for the holiday added to the huge influx of winter visitors, you cannot expect anything less than a high auto accident statistic.

If unfortunately, you are involved in a holiday run-in and get injured, then you would need the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to navigate your next steps. Your Florida personal injury attorney will have your best interests at heart and can represent your interests in any claim. Although accidents are inevitable, the following safety tips can help to greatly reduce your chances of becoming another Florida winter driver statistic.

Before you hit the road in Florida

Whatever is your intention for the season, as long as you will be on the road, it is important that you adhere to these basic steps. This would make your experience on the road safer and more pleasant;

1. Plan on driving during the day:

Some of the most obvious risks associated with driving at night include drowsy driving and low lighting conditions. Aside from this, research also has it that there is a higher number of impaired drivers at night. Also, most of the drunk and drugged driving accidents happen at nighttime.

2. Watch road conditions:

It is advisable that before you set out on the road, you take a look at local weather and traffic apps. This helps to give you a head start and prepares you for what may lay ahead of you. This can be essential if you are in a hurry to get to your destination and can’t afford to waste time in traffic and also for those prone to bouts of road rage.

3. Service your vehicle:

Although this is expected of anyone taking a trip, it stills bears mentioning. Ensure that your vehicle is in good order before you get on the road. Pulling over outside designated parking areas increases your chances of being involved in an accident and getting injured.

4. Rest up:

Before embarking on a trip ensure that you rest well; have enough sleep and avoid heavy meals. Heavy meals tend to make drivers drowsy while driving.

5. Register or update your emergency contact information online:

It is quite easy to get done, and highly important. In the unfortunate event of an accident, first responders will find it easier to reach your loved ones.

While you are driving

Below are a few more pointers for when you are driving. This will make you a minimum risk for a Winter accident;

1. Ensure that you and every other person in the vehicle have their seat belt on before you drop into reverse.

2. Ensure to stay within the speed limit

3. Stay alert, don’t drink or take drugs while at the wheel, and if you are drowsy, trade off with another driver if you have someone else in the car or stop for a quick break.

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