There has been much debate as to whether Trump is fit to be president, but is he even legally eligible? Who could forget how in the debates only a few months ago, when Trump questioned Cruz’ citizenship, Cruz turned the tables and asked if Trump would be eligible, since his mother was born in Scotland. (He would.) And nothing has not stopped him thus far. To ban someone from being president, because their mother was born elsewhere would end nearly every election. Just ask the founding fathers.

Trump would be the oldest elected official in US history and is arguably the most unhinged. That is what many like about him. But legally, many have questioned if the Republicans still have a chance to overturn the election…the answer: probably not. It looks like Trump is here to stay as Republican candidate. Legally, he has the right to run and as different (and often unorthodox) as his style and policies are, there is little anyone can do to stop him.

However, if some of his proposals are found to violate the constitution, like his banning of Muslim immigrants or wall, those can be ruled as unconstitutional and would most likely not be passed. It is a long road ahead, but it looks like Trump will legally take the seat as Republican presidential candidate. But just because he is the candidate does not mean he can break the law by passing unconstitutional act. There are many legal barriers in place to prevent many of the apocalyptic scenarios many are presenting if Trump does become president.