When we are on our way home from our holiday reveling, the last thing that we want to do is call a car accident attorney. Spending hours on the phone with a car accident attorney is not what we call Christmas. Sadly, this is something that clients in the Florida region always end up dealing with because of their inability to avoid the usual holiday party pitfalls.

Any holiday celebration can become a tragedy if we are not truly careful and this is important to remember. Sadly, it is not always easy to keep guests safe from harm during these types of parties. Alcohol starts to flow and this keeps us from making the best decisions about our travel.

This is especially true once we start to do some party hopping. You might have an eggnog or two at one location and then decide that it is time to head to the next shindig. These are the moments when we are most vulnerable to mistakes. Even the people who are responsible for throwing these parties have certain decisions to make.

The best parties can turn sad in an instant when we do not stop to consider all of the potential consequences. For starters, those who plan their holiday parties would do well to consider the safety of their guests…even after they leave. Keeping guests from driving drunk by providing them with easy access to car services can help. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that they are okay to get home.

Party throwers should also be willing to offer their guests plentiful amounts of food. If all you are serving is alcohol and finger foods, this is a sure sign of trouble. Don’t serve overly salty snacks, though. This only causes your guests to consume more alcohol. Offering guests the chance to enjoy soda and water is also helpful.

There are going to be some guests who are either choosing not to drink or serving as a designated driver. They need to be considered as well. Hosts should also avoid the temptation to get overly drunk themselves. Those who do are not going to be able to keep as good of an eye on their guests as they had hoped. Any minors who are present must be monitored. The last thing that any party thrower wants is a drunken minor on their hands.

Both sides of the equation must do their part this holiday season. Guests who are planning to tie one on shouldn’t be shy about setting up ride services or making plans to get home that do not involve driving. Those who wish to throw parties will need to take all of the aforementioned advice in order to avoid any unhappy phone calls this Christmas.