Smart Growth America is an organization that evaluates pedestrian safety levels at various locations. According to their findings, Florida [] is one of the most dangerous locations for walking in the nation. In the wake of these revelations, Florida lawmakers are looking to put a stop to these types of accidents [].

How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help

A car accident attorney can assist their clients when they have been involved in an accident but they can also provide valuable background information as well. Now that the aforementioned studies are making the rounds, Florida officials are doing everything in their power to stop the problem as well.

South Florida has a checkered past when it comes to pedestrian safety and a resident cannot rely on an attorney to handle all of the concerns on their behalf. It takes a community full of citizens and leaders who are equally dedicated to making the necessary changes. The United States Department of Transportation is also invested in this process.

The Importance of Increased Awareness

In order to avoid pedestrian safety concerns in the future, it takes a higher level of awareness from all sides. City officials in Florida are already taking a closer look at their layouts to see where changes can be made that will be beneficial to the pedestrian.

The easiest way to make life easier for the pedestrian is by adding more sidewalks and bike lanes. Once these additional walkways have been added, it is up to the pedestrian to use them and spread the word. Both sides come together to offer added awareness and this creates a safer environment for all parties involved.

Walking and Biking

By creating a world where more walking and biking is being encouraged, this should lead to far fewer accidents over the long haul that involve pedestrians. Streets must be constructed with the safety concerns of pedestrians in mind. Keeping those who are walking protected from traffic is crucial.

This is how accidents are avoided and more importantly, this is how Florida injury attorneys are able to avoid the sort of cases that are not nearly as cut and dried. For example, a pedestrian still needs to maintain awareness while walking. Calling and texting while walking is often just as dangerous as calling and texting while driving.

Creating an Environment of Accountability

By creating an environment where drivers and pedestrians are both held more accountable for their actions, negligent drivers are unable to cause accidents at the same rate. If you or a loved one finds themselves dealing with a case of this nature, be sure to speak with a Florida car accident attorney with a strong level of personal injury experience. They will let you know more about the validity of your claim.


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