According to a recent report released in 2016, the US is one of few countries in the world, with the highest rate of car crash death. Despite the fact that the rate of death in car crashes has witnessed a significant drop by almost a third in the last decade, this fact still shows an alarming rate of death occurring as a result of car accidents in the United States.

It is sad to know that the US has always remained right on top of the chart even when compared to other high-income countries. While stressing its frustration with these recent findings, the U.S National Safety Council (NSC) was swift to declare that the nation is on the wrong side of the trend. Despite having more safe vehicles on the road than ever before, many people (more than 100) are still losing their lives on daily basis in car crashes.

The real question now is – why is it so and what can actually be done to curtail the menace? No doubt, the US can effectively reduce these causalities by learning from other high-income nations with lower car crash death rates.

Between 2000 and 2013, there has been a significant decline in car crash causalities with about a 31 percent reduction, thanks to the recent safety improvements that are now available in vehicles. Nevertheless, there is still need for better improvements as over 90 to 100 car crash causalities are still recorded every day in the US.

Although without any doubt, there had been relatively meaningful improvements, however, it is important to note that during the same time of this reduction, an average decline rate of 56 percent was recorded in other countries. While the smallest reduction in car crash deaths was recorded in the United States, other countries had significant decline rates such as Spain which stood out as the most improved country with a 75 percent decline rate.

Along with the failure of both passengers and drivers to make use of seat belts, alcohol usage has also been identified as a major cause of car crash deaths in Florida. In order to reduce death rates in the country, drivers have a major role to play. And if there must be a significant reduction in death rates then there is need for effective public safety awareness campaigns.

Today, many people have lost loved ones in car accidents. However, if you find yourself in this situation, it is good to know that you can be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit if you’ve got an accident attorney by side.

If that was no fault of your loved one, an experienced accident attorney can help push your fight for justice and help you achieve your desired compensation. It is also important to understand that unless damages are recovered for you, nothing (including attorney fees) will be paid up front.


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