Everybody has heard of cases regarding intoxicated drivers. Many impaired drivers admit their wrongdoing once they’re in a sober state. Unfortunately, too many individuals are injured during drunk driving excursions, both the victim(s) and the perpetrator. But what excuse will an intoxicated driver give to police officers to avoid be charged with a D.U.I? Here is a bizarre list of the most unusual excuses presented to law enforcement personnel during the routine traffic stops. Fortunately in these particular cases, nobody was killed as a result of drunk driving.

Car Accident: Impaired Driving Unbelievable Explanations

Number One – Followed By Extraterrestrials

During a public seminar that took place in California, a Highway Patrol officer stated that a man was pulled over for swerving between a two-lane highway. The man jerked his vehicle off the road and inevitably parked inside a ditch. When he stumbled out of the truck, he began shouting that flying saucers were chasing him down the desert highway. The lone officer, eventually met with supporting patrolmen, apprehended the man and took him to jail. Even if extraterrestrials were pursuing the intoxicated driver, that’s no excuse to get behind the wheel of car after a long night of drinking.

Number Two – A Man Taking His Pregnant Wife to the Hospital

Two officers that often patrolled California’s stretch of road known as highway 395 reported to a local writer that they had a comical story to tell but wished to remain anonymous. Supposedly, a shirtless male in his mid-forties was stopped after exceeding the sixty-five mile per hour speed limit. When an officer approached, he could smell a strong presence of alcohol. When he asked if the shirtless man had been drinking, the drunk driver stated that he hadn’t been. The officer asked why he was driving ninety miles per hour in a sixty-five zone. The man, without breaking his gaze from the officer, stated that his wife was having a baby and he was rushing her to the hospital.

The shirtless man was quickly detained. The arresting officer reported that there were no passengers let alone a female passenger inside the vehicle. As it later turned out, the shirtless man wasn’t even married. Anybody who would make up such an absurd fabrication, especially while inebriated, shouldn’t be allowed to drive the open roads.

Number Three – Nude Woman Reports a Haunting

An Arizona officer had pulled over a reckless driver who had displayed signs of driving under the influence. When he stepped out of his patrol car, he watched the naked woman switch over from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat. When the officer asked her what she was doing behind the wheel after she admitted to using methamphetamine, she stated that a possessive apparition made her remove her clothing.

Even stranger, she claimed that the ghostly spirit had been driving for fifty miles. Whoever the spirit was apparently got away with driving while intoxicated because she was the only one who spent the night in jail.


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