November 16

Making Sure Your Teen Is Prepared To Drive: A Florida Parent’s Checklist

A Florida personal injury attorney can assist a parent and their teen driver if they have experienced any sort of accident or incident. In a perfect world, these types of occurrences would never have the chance to take place. According to the National Security Council [], teen driving accidents are the number one cause of.

November 14

Can A Bar Be Held Liable For Serving Too Much Alcohol?

We all see the signs and commercials. Beer companies and drinking establishments want us to enjoy our drinking experience but they would also like for us to do so in a responsible manner. However, there are instances where the aforementioned establishments find themselves accused of over serving a customer and contacting a Florida Personal Injury.

November 9

A Closer Look At The Most Common Child Injuries In Florida

When it comes to making sure that your children remain safe and sound in the Florida region, injury prevention [] is key. But there are certain injuries that cannot be avoided. A Florida injury attorney can assist and parents must also remain vigilant when it comes to matters like these. How Can A Florida Injury.

November 1

Choosing The Right Car Seat For Your Little One

A Florida injury attorney can assist us in a number of different ways. However, a Florida injury attorney cannot teach a parent how to avoid an injury after it has already taken place. That is why it is time for parents to learn everything that they need to know when it comes to choosing the.

October 30

What To Do When A Florida Bike Accident Occurs

When a bike accident occurs, our first instinct is to contact a bike accident attorney in Florida. While picking up the phone and calling a bike accident attorney in Florida is always a good idea at times like these, there are other steps that need to be taken. Knowing what to do next is not.

October 17

A Florida Injury Attorney Weighs In On Haunted House Injuries

Haunted houses are supposed to provide hours of enjoyment. Florida residents love to visit these locations in search of some good, wholesome family fun. But what happens when they are injured at these locations? What sort of recourse do they have? A Florida injury attorney is here to provide insight. No one wants to get.

September 26

Slip And Fall Cases: How A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida Can Help

A state appellate court was recently asked to weigh in about a slip and fall case. The conversation that took place from there was informative. A personal injury attorney in Florida that is looking to assist their clients would do well to consider the results of the premise liability lawsuit that was discussed. The case.

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