Children will always be children and will make mistakes from time to time. The law, normally, does not offer compensation to victims of a child’s negligence. However, there are cases where the child or child’s parents are expected to offer compensation to victims. These are cases which result from willful misconduct or cases in which the child engages in certain activities that have been deemed to be dangerous. An example is when a minor causes a car accident.

The parent or guardian of a minor, who is responsible for causing a car accident in Florida, can be held responsible for any injuries sustained by the victims, especially if that parent or guardian verified the driver’s license of the minor. The parent or guardian can be held financially liable and the amount to be paid has no limit. The elements of negligence lawsuit must be met to prove that the parent or guardian was responsible for the minor’s misconduct. The victim will have to prove that the minor’s negligent misconduct resulted in the accident that caused the victims injuries. However, the victim does not need to show that the parent or guardian was negligent in watching over the minor.

A few months ago, a single vehicle accident involving a Ford Explorer SUV resulted in the injury of seven people. A local news source who reported the accident claimed that the driver was a 14-year-old boy who was carrying six passengers. According to this news source, the boy was attempting to change lanes when he discovered that another driver already took the lane. When he saw the car on the lane he wanted to change to, he decided to go back to his lane but lost control of the SUV when trying to do so. The SUV skidded out of control and hit a road block on the highway.

Everybody in the SUV was injured including the 14-year-old. Six of them had to go to the hospital on account of severe injuries. The boy’s aunt who was his guardian when asked why she allowed an unlicensed boy to drive claimed that it was not the first time he was driving. She said that she had allowed him to drive the car to practice before he got his driver’s license.

Being involved in a car accident caused by a minor can be quite confusing. If you find yourself or know a loved one that is in such a situation, it is best to consult a car accident lawyer. They would be able to represent you properly and get you proper financial compensation should the need arise. You don’t need to worry about the cost. The fee depends on the lawyer you choose to employ. You can rest assured that the right lawyer will advise you properly.