South Florida is generally filled with various sizes of waterways while the Atlantic Ocean borders the east coast of Florida. The Port of Miami which is located in Florida is widely known to be the world’s largest cruise ship port.

Also in the north of Miami, Fort Lauderdale in particular, is home to Port Everglades, which is the 3rd largest cruise port in the US. To this end, the area often experiences an overwhelming amount of boating traffic. Consequentially, numerous boating and cruise line accidents do occur frequently.

Cruise ships are intended to be cool, fun and safe vacation hubs that offer sun, shopping and a plethora of other interesting activities for all ages. Unfortunately, accidents are becoming a common occurrence due to the thousands of passengers on board each cruise and the cruises coming and leaving every day in their hundreds.

There are special state, federal and international laws governing cruise ship injuries and death claims. So if you are a crew member or passenger involved in a boating accident or injured in on board a cruise ship, you will certainly need the help of a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach to handle your case.

Shorter periods are required for statutes of limitations, sometimes they may last only 12 months from the incident date. Most times, complex legal issues are often associated with injuries that occur on navigable waters near foreign shores. Maritime, admiralty, and even foreign state law may also apply.

It is important to contact a Florida boating & cruise line accident lawyer because both substantive and procedural applicable laws may significantly differ from usual state tort laws thereby limiting the right of the injured party to recover money damages.

So if you or a loved one is seriously injured at sea, you will need the services of an experienced accident attorney to help file personal injury claims and lawsuits against the cruise line both in the US and abroad. You need a dexterous attorney who will not hesitate to bring your case to trial and help you fight to enforce your legal rights based on Florida Workers’ Compensation especially when a fair settlement offer is not provided.

Accidents and deaths at sea are more complex than on land cases. To this end, they are often handled differently from on-land personal injury cases. Most times passengers do not realize how vulnerable they are to accidents when they board cruise ships.

Due to the involvement of federal, state and international agencies, the laws governing cruise ship litigation can be very challenging and complicated at times. Therefore, it is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney right on time particularly if you are seriously injured in a cruise ship accident.