Safe road tripping is key. Any experienced car accident lawyer in Orlando, the home of Disney World and Epcot, can certainly attest to this. Car travel can be tricky at times, though. The more travelers know before hitting the road, the easier their trips become. These are the safety travel tips that a car accident lawyer in Orlando has to offer to any prospective client who plans on traveling on our state’s roadways:


1. Remain Connected

Let’s say that something happens during a road trip, but no friends or loved ones have any idea about the trip ahead of time. This makes it much harder for the motorist to receive the help that they need. Someone should remain in the know each step of the way. Location sharing apps are a useful tool in these sorts of scenarios. Loved ones need to be able to check on the driver and reach out as needed.

2. Do Not Post Plans Online

Criminals have been known to scour social media for any indicator that a person is heading out of town. The modern burglar no longer has to “case the joint” ahead of time. All they need to do is monitor Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. While we all like to let people know about the cool activities we are getting into, there is something to be said for maintaining radio silence on social media or sticking to generic posts during a vacation.

3. Avoid Nighttime Driving

Nighttime driving can be scary, even when the motorist knows their way around town. That’s why travelers should avoid nighttime driving as much as possible. Those who do not take the time to do so are placing themselves in a position that is less than advantageous. Driving after dark in a strange location is something that should not be done unless there is an unavoidable need to do so.

4. Plan Ahead

There are many motorists in the state of Florida who rely heavily on their GPS, but this is an imperfect travel method. It behooves travelers to take the time to plan ahead, so that they are not placing themselves at risk. Whether the traveler is looking to drive across the state or head to a completely different location, planning ahead is key. Spontaneity is great but proper planning is even better.

5. Bring an Emergency Kit

Emergency kits are the lifeblood of Florida drivers who are looking to stay safe on our roadways. Jumper cables are an absolute must. Be sure to bring road flares and all of the necessary equipment to change a tire as well. Bottled water and nonperishable snacks are helpful for any prolonged breakdowns. First aid kits, chargers and maps must also be included in any well designed emergency kit.