According to reports about a few months back, a 12-year old student was hit by a car while trying to catch the school bus. The family of the victim decided to hire a personal injury attorney in Florida to sue the young driver who ran him down.

The student was just a fifth-grader when he suffered severe injuries trying to catch the school bus as he crossed the road. The family accused the district community of placing a bus top in a very unsafe location and also the driver involved in the negligent act. The lawsuit is now making its way through the system or proceedings of the court.

This is one out of several cases where young students have been injured seriously or even killed in an attempt to cross the road to get on a school bus or just simply crossing to do something. In many cases, these children will have to cross over a road that has a high-speed limit. A parent shouldn’t be worried that their children being exposed to dangers while leaving for school or coming back.

Some years back, before dawn when a student crossed the main road to catch a school bus he was knocked down by a car driven by a 16 years old teenage. The boy’s ankle and foot were caught up beneath the vehicle before propelling into the air and then landing in a drainage pitch.

According to the report after the lawsuit was filed the victim suffered psychological and physical injuries, which includes an orbital bone fracture, right ankle fractures with a concussion, and closed head injury as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. The respondents say that at the time of the incident the bus was positioned with its red lights flashing.

Just a single day in February, drivers of school buses around the state of Florida reported so many cases of illegal passing of stop signs by drivers. So many students statewide have been killed or injured by cars illegally passing these school routes since 1999.

The law court records show that a teenage boy wrote a plea of responsibility for the failure to reduce speed.

The charge of not to stop for a particular school bus was dismissed. The respondents put more of the blame (for almost all accidents) on the location of the bus stop. A family also complained about how a district government in Florida had moved the bus stop from the mobile neighborhood park to a busy road with a speed limit of about 45 mph.

Any school bus location that requires a kid as young as five-years-old to cross a high-speed limit road in early morning hours subjects children to danger. To keep these kids safe, other locations need to be designed to put safety and health. If your kid has been a victim of such accidents, a personal injury attorney in Florida can help you get the justice that you and your family deserve.