A wonderful trip on the open road can take a wrong turn if you do not observe your surroundings. When you are on the highway or even quiet country roads, always keep an eye out for motorists.

The greatest danger from driving on the open road can from big trucks. One accident with a big truck, and the rest of your life could be dramatically altered. If you have been in an accident and it was not your fault, contact a reliable personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach immediately.

Truck drivers are some of the most skilled and talented motorists on the highway or any other road. Unfortunately, they cannot always control external factors such as weather and road conditions. A slippery road due to heavy rains can be the greatest enemy to a trucker as their cargo is at risk of causing a life-threatening injury to everyone else on the road. In rainy conditions, a truck can spray quickly on your windshield and hinder your ability to see.

For every problem with a truck though, there are plenty of ways for you to avoid injury. For example, in a rain storm, make sure to keep a safe distance from the truck. This means you do not ride too close or tailgate, and be prepared for sudden stops. This can be especially important during rainy weather so you can avoid not just the water, but the mud the truck is sure to accumulate.

The typical 18-wheeler is filled with several blind spots, where it is easy for them to lose other vehicles. When you are driving in a large truck’s blind spot, you can count on increasing your chance for an accident. To protect yourself, as well as the driver, make sure you can see yourself in the driver’s rear view mirror. Typically, if you cannot see the driver’s face, they are unable to see you.

The law of gross tonnage will come into play if you are in a collision with a big truck. This states that if you are close to a collision with a vehicle larger than yours, you must do what you can to get out of its way. If you are in a sedan or even a minivan, chances are your vehicle will get the worst of the collision.

In the event of a collision with a large truck, you are at the risk for underride or override. If you rear-end a large truck, your vehicle could slide under and lead to sudden death. While trucks that weigh over 10,000 pounds are legally required to have underride guards, but how effective these products are remains a question. Unless you are in a head-on collision, there is a high possibility the underride guard could fail.

To avoid a costly or life-threatening accident, always monitor other vehicles. Big trucks should be respected, and avoiding an accident should be your top priority on all roads. In the event of an accident, make sure to contact an experienced accident attorney who will have your best interest as their top priority. The right personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach will get your life back on track quicker.