Studies have shown that Florida is ranked among the states with the highest number of bad drivers. Records have shown that about 250,000 auto accidents occur yearly and about 100,000 result in fatal injuries. Some individuals have also lost their lives because of the reckless activities of some drivers on the road. They constantly disobey traffic signs, rules and regulations.

Early this month, Florida was ranked among the states with bad drivers in the country. Several factors were taken into consideration such as the number of DUI accidents, the volume of traffic tickets that were issued, fatal accident cases and the number of uninsured drivers. Dozens of people have been injured over the years because most drivers in Florida constantly drink and drive. Florida failed in virtually all the factors that were used to put together the ranking. In terms of uninsured drivers, Oklahoma ranks second while Florida takes the leading position.

The effect of uninsured drivers on the road.

The number of uninsured drivers in the state of Florida is quite high and it is important for a motorist to understand how to claim reliefs where the need arises. Every driver is supposed to have a certain level of insurance to legally drive a vehicle. The minimum amount for personal injury and property liability is $10,000. The truth is that this limit is low compared to the damages most drivers. To be on the safe side it’s to obtain more than the minimum insurance level.

Sometimes even when a motorist has an extra insurance coverage, the driver’s insurance company may reject the claim or offer a little sum as compensation. This is where the need for a personal injury attorney in Florida arises. The attorney will help you weigh all the possible options that can help you get your full compensation.

However, there several efforts by the state Government to mitigate the constant road accidents that occur on a daily basis in the state. New laws have been put in place to check the menace caused by some of these bad drivers but it’s not yielding so much result for time being. Motorist are constantly breaking road traffic laws and it’s on the increase on a daily basis. It will be wise to consult a personal injury attorney in Florida if you’re involved in a road accident or a loved one. There are chances that you will get compensation for any injury that you may have suffered in the process. Some accident victims are not aware that they can claim against the driver and get compensated.

There are so many attorneys in the state who can provide precise and adequate legal services that will mitigate your suffering. Every minute you waist may result in you losing your claims.