There are many reasons why you should not accept any insurance claim settlement for any type of car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, or slip and fall accident in Florida, Jupiter, Boca Raton, or Orlando without talking to an accident attorney. The most important reason is money.

Insurance companies want to settle your claim quickly because the fine print in the settlement says that you cannot ask for more money when new bills and health problems crop up. The claims settlement agents are trained to act very concerned about you but the reality is they are concerned about paying the least they possibly can for any accident that you were involved in.

You need to consider all of the costs that are involved in any type of accident. Some of the costs of an accident can cause you to lose your home and possibly your family. An insurance claim settlement never covers these potential costs.

The real costs that you will incur in any accident include hospital costs, drug costs, treatment costs, and rehabilitation costs above and beyond what your health insurance will pay. You also lose income if you cannot work. The loss of income threatens your ability to make house and car payments and provide food for your family.

The pain that you suffer for any length of time or for the rest of your life is of no concern to an insurance company. The damage that you sustain from an accident may be so severe that you will never work again. Your standard of living drops to what disability will pay. An insurance claim settlement is a slick way to avoid paying for your pain and reduced standard of living.

An accident attorney is a necessity in getting the money that you are entitled to that covers all of the expenses that you incurred in any accident. Experience dealing with insurance agencies, the knowledge of the time limits involved in filing a claim, an understanding of the court procedures involved, and the determination to get the most money possible for an accident victim are what you need.

Accident law is local law. A personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach will have knowledge specific to Florida law that impacts your case. The attorney knows the judges, insurance carriers, and state regulators who have an impact on the size of your settlement. The attorney can even find out how much any insurance agencies gave to a judge’s election campaign and use this information to get a more impartial judge to hear your case.

Insurance companies are in business to make money. The more that an insurance company saves in giving you a small claim settlement then the more profit the company makes. You should never accept a settlement without talking to an attorney first.


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