According to recent statistics, Florida, in comparison to other states, experiences a high level of car accidents yearly. There has been a daily rise in the number of car accidents within the state of Florida.The study assessed accidents and police information compiled from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration which contains details of the number of wrongful human deaths per every mile driven in every state, the number of individuals who get arrested for driving high (DUI) arrests per state, and the ratio of insured versus uninsured drivers within each state. This makes the need for a Florida injury attorney imperative for residents of Florida.

It is true that driving on the highways of Florida is not an easy task. You may have experienced the many dangers associated with driving on these highways. However, it’s not easy to drive on any highway outside the state either. So, why is there a high level of injuries from car accidents in Florida? It has been revealed that most drivers in the state do not know how to drive. This conclusion was drawn after it was discovered that the number of DUI arrests in Florida was one of the lowest in the country. This means that drivers do not drive under the influence of any substance but, somehow, they still get accidents.

In addition to the fact that Florida has the worst set of drivers, another major reason for the high level of car crashes is the roads in Florida. The highways in Florida encourage accidents. The complex nature of the roads has led to many car accidents. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, U.S. showed that one highway in Florida has a fatality rate of 2.8, with over 1,011 car accidents and about 1,000 wrongful deaths over the last ten years.

Most of the findings that led to the above conclusions applied common sense. They simply had to prove that more accidents occurred in states where drivers cover more miles. They also related the high population in some states to the accident level. The population has a part to play. Common sense tells you that an increase in driver population will lead to a corresponding increase in some uninsured drivers. Most of these uninsured drivers are equally not fit to drive on highways. All of these have led to the increase in accidents experienced on Florida highways.

An individual involved in an accident either dies or sustains an injury. If the person dies, the family could decide to sue the other driver, but if the victim survives, this can be done personally. Since an individual cannot just walk into a courtroom to appeal a case without due process, hiring a professional is essential. A good Florida injury attorney can help you. The rise in accidents has led to more court cases for Florida injury attorneys.


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