Football season is one of the best times of year. Whether you are a fan of the Jaguars, Dolphins or Buccaneers, we all look forward to the Super Bowl. This game has become something of a national holiday, and revelers have been known to tip back a few during the festivities.


However, these festivities also come with increased risks that need to be discussed with a Florida car accident lawyer. Since this year’s big game will be played in Miami, Florida residents must remain aware of all the risks. Many local residents will be heading to the game in person, and watch parties are going to be taking place all over the state.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving has formed a partnership with the NFL, in hopes of raising awareness about this subject. Football weekends are a lot of fun, but they can come with various risks that local motorists are simply unaware of. This is why many NFL teams have also begun to tackle the risks on their own.

Drunk Driving Collisions and Liability

Injury attorneys in the Florida region know that it can be difficult for clients to receive the assistance that they need at times like these. Recovering the proper damages is also a major challenge that a client should never be taking on without the help of an experienced legal representative. Determining the parties that are at fault is not always as easy as it may seem. Those who responsible for a crash of this nature may include:

At Fault Drivers/Insurance Companies

At fault drivers can be held liable for their negligence in causing an accident and may even be assessed punitive damages if driving while impaired. Even those who are passengers in vehicles that are being driven by a motorist who is under the influence could be entitled to compensation.  That is important information for all passengers to bear in mind.

Under Insured Motorist/Uninsured

If an At-Fault driver is uninsured or underinsured, victims who carry these forms of coverage may be entitled to receive compensation from their own insurance carrier.

Homeowners and Property Owners

It is important for party hosts to remain responsible for the welfare of their guests. Those who take the time to recognize their obligations as party hosts are able to reduce their chances of being held liable for the accidents and incidents that take place during Super Bowl season.

They must be aware that there are instances when a host of a private party can be held responsible if a guest is over served at their watch party. Underage drinking is particularly problematic in this regard as well.

Sporting Events

These venues bear some level of responsibility as well. Dram shop laws and premises liability will come into play in these instances.

Restaurants and Bars

Dram shop laws in the state of Florida provide special circumstances where they can be held responsible if they serve a minor or if they serve someone who is a habitual drunkard.  An experienced personal injury in Port St. Lucie and Jupiter is familiar with these types of laws.