Now that e-scooters have become a part of the South Florida landscape, there are many who find themselves asking a personal injury attorney in Florida about their safety. Lawmakers in the state have already removed many of the legal barriers. Younger riders are now able to enjoy these vehicles with (sometimes reckless) abandon.


These scooters can be rented at a wide range of locations, making them easily accessible to children of all ages. Pilot programs are underway in a number of Florida cities, including Fort Lauderdale and Tampa. There are several college campuses who have opted out of the program and are not allowing students to use e-scooters on school grounds.

E-Scooters: Liability and Usage Concerns

A personal injury attorney in Florida is always going to remind potential clients about these concerns. It is important to remain as proactive as possible. While lawyers are still wrestling with the legal concerns that are associated with these e-scooters, that is not going to stop their arrival.

Tourist destinations (such as Sanibel Island) are already relying on these scooters on a regular basis. Legal representatives offer some simple recommendations to those looking to use these scooters responsibly. For starters, helmets should be worn at all times. Motorist coverage for the uninsured/underinsured must also be purchased, in case an accident occurs.

Eco Friendliness

Of course, there are proponents of the e-scooter and they point to the level of environmental friendliness that they have to offer. Those who are proponents of the e-scooter will also speak to their convenience. They are able to reduce inner city congestion and reduce the need for parking spaces. The users are not forced to return them to their docking stations either.

This creates an environment that is inherently unsafe for a number of motorists and pedestrians. Since the e-scooter is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon, it is time to cast a more watchful eye and emphasize proper usage. Some locations are banning the scooters but for the most part, they are only increasing in popularity.

Navigating The Dangers

South Florida residents must be careful. There are a number of dangers that need to be discussed. Florida riders are already experiencing the consequences of unsafe usage. Sadly, a Tampa man was recently laid to rest after being struck by a truck while riding an e-scooter. He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision.

A Fort Lauderdale pilot program has already experienced over 70 accidents over the course of just four months. Those who renting e-scooters will want to make sure that they are not signing waivers that diminish a rental company’s legal obligations. If an injury or a wrongful death takes place, it is time to contact a South Florida law firm with the necessary experience.