Two construction workers were killed after a construction accident in Naples. This is a reminder of the kind of risks that can be faced in workstations and the consequences of Florida’s building boom. Both men were fixing a temporary elevator shaft when the scaffolding crumbled under them. Law enforcement officials reported that the victims fell over 100 feet and that the authorities will conduct an investigation. Construction is arguably one of the most dangerous occupations.

The number of fatalities has climbed in recent years as the economy continues to recover. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 309 Florida workers were killed in job-related incidents in 2016 alone.

Construction Accidents and Workplace Fall Injuries

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration 1,000 construction accidents that were fatal occurred in 2016. This accounts for 20% of the 4,693 employees who died that year on the job. Falls were the primary cause of death in construction sites, reportedly causing 384 fatalities. Because of this statistical data, safety inspectors have gone on to establish rigid fall-protection guidelines for the construction industry.

Despite this in 2017 violations related to scaffolding safety was the third-most talked about in the construction industry. Also ladder-safety violations made headlines as well, plus lack of fall protection training was among the top workplace violations nationwide.

Regarding elevator accidents we usually think about incidents in malls, or office buildings. However, construction sites are the primary location of half of the elevator accidents that happen every year, and reportedly claims 30 lives and injures 15,000 workers each year.

Nearly half of those fatalities resulted from falls. Florida’s Health and Safety Program keeps working to improve the fall-protection safety training for workers in the construction industry. Although falls from ladders and roofs result in a huge number of injuries each year, scaffolding accidents tend to be deadly. One of the of fatal scaffolding incidents in Florida last autumn caused the death of three workers who fell when scaffolding collapsed during work at a television tower.

Personal Injury Attorney in Florida To Help you Claim Workers’ Compensation

In a scenario like the Naples case where both victims were under the employ of an equipment-rental agency and were trying to install a temporary elevator outside the building to carry supplies and debris during a remodelling project, the victims can be able to claim worker’s compensation benefits from their employer.

A wrongful death suit can also be filed with the help of a personal injury attorney in Florida against the owner of the property, sub-contractor or parties to blame for the fatal incident. Seeking consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida can help you hold the parties responsible for your accident accountable, while securing compensation for you and your family.


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