The prescription drug epidemic cast an unflattering light on the state of Florida. As the government slammed shut the doors of pain clinics that were nothing more than pill mills, the deaths due to heroin overdose rose in places like Orlando, Boca Raton and Jupiter.

Addiction is not an easy war to win. The problem is, the victim is often afraid or unwilling to let go of the poison that is destroying them. When the supply of one drug is cut off, they seek another. Unfortunately, this is what has led to the latest drug which is plaguing Florida.


Fentanyl is a powerful painkiller. It is not approved by the FDA for short-term use. It is not approved for post-surgery pain. It is intended to be used for long-term solutions to major and crippling pain. It is supposed to be a last resort drug.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid like morphine, but it is 80 to 100 times more powerful than morphine. It can be injected, swallowed in pill form, administered via a patch and in lozenges. One form of Fentanyl looks just like a child’s lollipop. However, this is a serious drug and overdose is often deadly.

Why the increase in deaths?

Frankly, the increase in deaths due to Fentanyl overdose is directly linked to irresponsible doctors who are prescribing this drug for less serious pain (than it is intended to treat) and irresponsible patients who abuse it and allow others access to it.

Fighting the giant

It is never easy going against medical doctors in a court of law. A Florida attorney must be experienced and qualified to handle the job. They must have the best resources, computer data, and IT support in the state. They must know exactly what they are facing and have the tools to fight this giant in court.

Attorneys fight for the rights of families who have lost a loved one because a medication was given to them that should never have been prescribed. While drug overdose is not a new problem, but as more Fentanyl makes its way into the hands of drug users, the deaths have skyrocketed in the past few years. Lawyers have their work cut out for them. The advances in technology help then track the Fentanyl, the statistics, and the deaths, which are only topped in Florida by heroin. This is why the IT support, proper software, and staying ahead of the industry is critical to attorneys.

Who is on the team?

Politicians are teaming up with law enforcement, attorneys and good doctors who are trying to stop the killing. The penalty for killing someone with a drug should be just as harsh as killing them with a gun. As families come forward for help, the information gets slowly channeled. This is how the giant will be brought down. As for the people who are addicted to the drug? Sometimes, we have to fight for people who are unable to fight for themselves. This has always been the case for the good people of Florida and it will continue to be.