The week is termed Bike to Work week and it is geared towards encouraging people from every part of the nation to, rather than take the bus, to enjoy the Spring weather and take a bike ride to get from one place to another. The campaign for Bike to Work Week is engineered by safety advocates and cycling enthusiasts. The week comes to a climax on Friday, May 18 with a Bike to Work day.

With the increasing correlation between cycling and fitness, the number of bicycle commuters has grown to as high as 60 percent. It is actually expected that they will be more bicycle trips in the United States as forty percent of daily trips have a distance of fewer than 2 miles, reported by the League of American Bicyclists.

South Florida is one of the few areas in the United States that has weather that is conducive to year-round riding. The challenge, however, is the speed of the growth of the number of residents, each of these residents wanting a safer route to ride. This number is growing at such astronomical pace it is leaving the infrastructure struggling to match up with the pace.

Florida Injury attorney opened the month with a 3-blog series aimed for the Motorcycle Safety Month. This act as a reminder for most states in the country where, with the coming of the Spring weather, cyclists and motorcycle riders head to the roads. In Florida, things are much different as the Sunshine state possess year-round risk and is the ranked as one of the most dangerous places for riders on two wheels in the nation.

According to several sections of the law, bicycles are classified as motor vehicles, which affords them the same right to the road as enjoyed by other drivers. Although South Florida injury attorney is working round the clock to ensure that recreational infrastructure and bike lanes are improved and made safer, riders are still subjected to tremendous risk while on the road. This is especially true with regards to new or inexperienced cyclists. But nonetheless, even experienced riders at still at risk of fatal and serious injury in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Below are a few bicycle commuting tips offered by the Florida Department of Transportation and the South Florida Commuter Services;

– Know your bike

– Wear a helmet

– Plan your route

– Be seen and be safe

– Be aware while riding

– Be prepared for work

One area that is particularly of interest in South Florida is safety among older riders. It is also an area of focus in other parts of the country.

Typically, the attention on bicycle safety is centered around children, but considering the popularity of the relationship between cycling and fitness, and Florida’s senior population, the group that is most at risk are the older riders. Also, when seniors get injured it is usually very serious, and they can suffer complications and will most likely endure through long periods of rehabilitation.