When are you most likely to be in an accident? According to one news outlet, the afternoon is the riskiest time of the day to be driving. This conclusion was reached after studying data gathered from the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Unlike the morning, which has several factors that could lead to an accident (drivers rushing to get to work on time; morning radio shows; morning coffee), the afternoon is deceptively calm. No one suspected that the afternoon would be the deadliest time for drivers in Southwest Florida, but it is.

The Afternoon Commute is the Deadliest Time for Drivers

The afternoon has several risk factors that lead to accidents including bike riders, delivery trucks, construction trucks, pedestrians, worried parents, carefree teens, school buses, and traffic light runners. Sleepy drivers also contribute to the high risk of accidents during the afternoon commute.

The afternoon is when drivers are most prone to distractions. According to recent traffic data for Lee County roads, the time when crashes peaked was 5PM. By 7PM, crashes have waned. The start of the accident period begins at noon. Noon is the beginning of the deadliest part of the day, which lasts six hours. During the week, the deadliest time to be on the roads is on a Friday at 4PM.

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The dangers of driving during the afternoon in Southwest Florida are clear. An injury prevention coordinator at a local trauma center observed that most people are too distracted to drive safely. They don’t slow down.

Driving During the Weekend or at Night is Risky in Southwest Florida

There are fewer accidents during the weekends, but that is because there’s less time to crash. The roads are just as dangerous during the weekends. Most accidents occur from midnight to 3AM. Crashes caused by drunk driving occur frequently during this time period. More than a hundred people died over the course of a year on Lee County roads. To bring awareness to the problem, local police and safety advocates started a project called Driving Down Fatalities. There hasn’t been two consecutive years of fatalities on local roads since the recession of 2007. Hopefully, the Driving Down Fatalities effort will prevent another year of deadly driving.

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