Florida road rage incidents are an all too common occurrence. Even law enforcement officials are not immune and out-of-state police officers have experienced similar issues.

Sadly, there are days when driving down the road can seem frightening. Having a Florida injury attorney on speed dial is a great first step, but there are other steps that can be taken. Now that the Sunshine State has become a national leader in road rage incidents, it is time to take a closer look at what can be done.

Driving in Florida does not have to be so frightening. Be sure to follow these helpful tips, in order to stay safe on the road.

Top Tips From Florida Injury Attorneys

1. Do Not Offer Any Sort of Response

Sure, it may seem harmless enough to have some type of negative response to the other driver. However, the “he started it” defense” is not going to hold up too well in a court of law. If another driver attempts to start a confrontation, do not respond to them for any reason.

More importantly, it is important for a driver to remember one important rule: always stay in the car. There is essentially no good that can come from getting out of the car in these instances. Do not offer the other driver any reason to escalate the conflict further.

2. Contact The Police

In addition to knowing where the closest police station is located, Florida drivers who find themselves being harassed by a driver who is in the midst of a road rage episode should contact the authorities immediately. Even a fire station can be helpful in these instances. If the conflict has begun to escalate, pull into a fire station or police station. In instances where the driver is unable to access one of these locations, they must take the time to contact the proper authorities. Don’t make the mistake of allowing the situation to escalate any further than it has to.

3. Remain Calm

The other driver is going to feed off any emotions that are displayed. Don’t become angry or argumentative. Stay as calm as possible. When another driver attempts to anger one of their fellow motorists, the worst thing that the other driver can do is give in.

This is not the time to brandish a weapon or threaten the other driver with physical violence. This is the time to turn the other cheek and let things blow over. Those who are found to have escalated the conflict are likely to find themselves locked away, even if they are not the party responsible for the incident.

Staying calm during a road rage incident is not always easy. By maintaining the right attitude and not giving in to the other driver’s attempts at escalation, a driver is able to steer clear of the usual legal hassles that take place and avoid losing money in the process.


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